The Post 9/11 Era: “The Fourteen Year War OF Terror”
By James F. Tracy
Global Research, September 11, 2015

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The “war on terror” is a 14-year-old lie foisted on the world by forces hostile to the US Constitution. This has been and remains a “war OF terror” waged against all people.

Low intensity police state at home and high intensity war abroad are the new norms. The fact that such a program has not been more widely acknowledged and refuted is a profound statement on the state of civil society in the early 21st century.

The lie is perpetuated by weakly-reasoned–indeed anti-scientifi–notions that renegade Islamic terrorists hijacked jet aircraft and defied basic physics by flying them into giant buildings at 500 MPH; that those very sky scrapers (one of which was never WTC_911struck by an aircraft) crumbled into dust from minor fires; that the US was not preparing for war in the Middle East beginning shortly after George W. Bush’s inauguration; that Israel urgently sought a geopolitical rationale to crush the Second Intifada and confront its regional enemies.

Together these comprise the ideational edifice of the “war OF terror,” and the double think required of functioning journalists, academics, and statespersons today to buy the lie that “we” are combatting terrorism.

To think at any length that one’s everyday actions and entire way of life are predicated on the falsehood and deception begun 14 years ago is to be honest with oneself–to recognize a consciousness subdued in a constant forgetting the next mediated crisis is designed to bring.

The distant horror rooted in that complex set of events that to this day reverberates¬†throughout the Middle East is too painful to acknowledge. Thus in the twisted logic required of salaried intellectual workers, those in search for potential causes grounded in science and reason are dismissed as pariahs–“conspiracy theorists”–while historical amnesia and broad acceptance of myth are accepted as the “sound judgement” required to perpetuate the madness.

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