The Next War: Destination “Lebanon.”

In-depth Report:

The New York times reported that a powerful bomb devastated a Christian neighborhood of Lebanon’s capital on Friday October 19, 2012, killing an intelligence official long viewed as an enemy by neighboring Syria and unnerving as Syria’s sectarian-fueled civil war threatened to engulf the region.

The blast which sheared off the face of buildings, killed at least eight people, wounded 80 and transformed a quiet tree-lined street in to a scene reminiscent of Lebanon’s long civil war. Within hours of the attack the Lebanese authorities said the dead included the intelligence chief of the country’s internal security service, Brig. Gen. Wissam Al-Hassan 47, spurring accusations that the Syrian government had assassinated him for recently uncovering what the authorities said was a Syrian plot to provoke unrest in Lebanon. They wanted to get him, and they got him, “said Paul Salem a regional analyst with the Carnegie Middle East Center.” [1]

The Associated Press reported that the Friday blast was a reminder of Lebanon’s grim history, when the 1975-1990 Civil War made the country notorious for kidnappings, car bombs, and political assassinations. The associated Press went on to say that even the war’s end, Lebanon has been a proxy battleground for the regional conflicts, and the seaside capital has been a prey to sudden and often unexplained violence shattering periods of calm. As usual State Department spokes-woman Victoria Nuland condemned the bombing. She said the U.S. had no information about the perpetrators. Meanwhile, Syrian information minister Omran Al-Zouebi denounced the bombing, calling it a “terrorist and cowardly” attack. At the same time, Syria’s top ally in Lebanon the Shiite Hezbollah movement also condemned the attack expressing its “state of great shock over this terrible crime.” [2]


As in every crime scene we need to first assess who the instigators might be, and who would benefit from these acts of violence. Should we just gather the usual suspects and bury the truth? Or should we expand our horizon and explore other possible suspects.

Ironically and for decades, most of the sudden acts of violence in Lebanon have been committed by unknown hands and have gone unclaimed, leaving room for speculation and accusations, which is a convenient way to lay the blame on a specific person, group, party, sect, or country, resulting in the creation of a mistrustful and paranoid atmosphere that reinforces divisiveness.

It is no secret that Lebanon’s relationship with Syria has been toxic for many years despite the proximity between the two countries and the political declarations by their politicians who pronounce them as two closely-knitted nations.

Syria has been engulfed for the past year in an alleged civil unrest aiming at regime change just like in Egypt, Iraq, Libya and other neighboring Arab Countries under the guise of a revolutionary Arab spring financed by Western and Saudi money. These sham revolutions have been instigated, fueled, and staged by western powers and their proxies in the Middle East like the Israelis and the Saudis.

The Western intelligence agencies in Syria as in Libya, Egypt, and Iraq have unleashed once again their mercenaries known otherwise as the Mujahedeen or Al Quaeda fighters who were once trained and financed by the Central Intelligence Agency, Mossad, and other Western Intelligence apparatus to fight Soviet Troops during the Soviet-Afghani war in the 1980s. These mercenaries have been moved from one hot spot to another to fuel and destabilize countries that are not fully aligned with US policies. The destabilization process usually begins with instigation, bribes to local politicians and peasants to create a fertile breeding ground for recruiting criminals who become well-paid resistance fighters. Subsequently, the undesirable regimes will buckle and their leaders are dethroned and assassinated. Meanwhile the US media is grooming and preparing the American public to accept and support another low intensity conflict in a far region of the earth. By the time they are done the public is fearful and fully behind their president to take down another evildoer that threatens American interest and sovereignty. Remember that you have to give a dog a bad name before you kill him. The media is always ready for this entertaining task that terrifies the proles and improves their ratings. You must also realize that people love pseudo-wars that are easily won, because they vicariously act out their instinctual aggression through these military exercises called wars by our politicians and the media.

Mr. Obama doesn’t need another mini-war or a terror attack to win this coming election despite the multimillion dollar theatrics of a pseudo-democracy. His inept opponent was picked by the elite to ensure an easy win, because Mr. Obama has continued his predecessor’s policies and completely fulfilled what is expected of him despite the caustic rhetoric that get the proles excited. Therefore, and after the election is over, Syria, the poor country with no significant resources that borders Israel, an old Soviet client, and a current Russian ally will be fully embroiled in deeper violence that will eventually obliterate its secular regime that was once supported by the U.S., which will result in a total disintegration of that country into small, fanatic, allegedly independent, and homogeneous principalities bickering with each other and under the indirect control of the Israeli Zionist regime. The Western plan for the Middle East coincides with Yinon’s vision to redraw the region and the new re-mapping has to go through Syria.

Lebanon and Iran will follow. Iran would be the toughest to divide because of its homogenous Shiite population, but the nuclear weapon card will be played to its fullest.

Lebanon’s alleged past “Civil War” was a financed prototype for balkanizing countries, and a prospective model for the entire region and the world. Unfortunately, Lebanon that was once called the Switzerland of the Mediterranean will never have peace and will continue to have bloodshed until “Hezbollah” “God’s party” is totally disarmed and destroyed in order to ensure the security of Israel and the re-division of that country. The Israeli intelligence has been extremely active in Lebanon for years in a continuous effort to destabilize it, or to create incidents of provocation that will justify an invasion of the country or an assassination of powerful Lebanese political figures.

Meanwhile, the great Colonial Western Powers will deem these financed and pre-planned conflicts in the Middle East as zealous, barbaric and uncivilized, which will give them high moral ground and the green light to justify and maintain their blood sucking strategy to impoverish these nations and send them back into the middle ages. Ironically, these western nations that claim sophistication and magnificence acquire their superpower through their innate and natural parasitic mechanism that allows them to forcibly or manipulatively attach themselves to any host country and suck the blood (oil, resources, gold, etc) out of it, then, slowly leave it to die. At the same time, these resource vampires arrogantly promulgate their new aristocracies on the graves of other nations, and proclaim grandeur and superiority by attributing it to their Christian love, morality, and democratic ideology.

Finally, Lebanon will continue to bleed as the whole Middle East will continue to hemorrhage until every drop of oil and resource are totally depleted, and then and only then, the Near East where the dawn of Western Civilization began will be left alone to quietly perish.


1. Barnard, Anne (2012). Bomb kills 8 in Beirut. New York Times, October 20, 2012
2. Mroue, Bassem (2012). Bombing renews fears. Associated press October 20, 2012

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