The IMF’s “Rescue Package”. Coercing Ukraine into a Civil War

“Go to war with your pro-Russian Ukrainian brothers, otherwise you won’t get the money!”

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The IMF’s Board of Directors has just approved a US$ 17 billion loan package to ‘rescue’ Ukraine from dire economic consequences, like a 5% GDP contraction in 2014, predicted by the same gurus of the IMF. This loan is part of a two-year US$ 27 billion package which is supposed to include numerous loans from the EU.

The money, of course, comes with strings attached–raising taxes, freezing minimum wage, cutting pensions (by 50%) and energy subsidies – the usual hardship conditions the world is cowardly and silently witnessing with a downtrodden Greece, Portugal, Ireland and Spain. For the next steps, tranches two and three, privatization of state enterprises, massive firing of state employees, international contracts for exploitation of natural resources – one of which is Ukraine’s huge agricultural potential – will most certainly follow.

By then Ukraine, will be ripe to do the bidding for NATO. – So thinks the west. That’s their game plan. Fortunately people, societies and history are dynamic not linear. The western leaders with their bought propaganda media have been hoodwinking the populace into believing that the world functions like computer models – which do not include human consciousness that eventually may evolve according to values innate in mankind but have been oppressed by a system of exploitation for greed.

The first tranche of the 17 billion – US$ 3.2 billion is to be disbursed immediately, in other words to the illegitimate Ukrainian interim government – which is an act of financial crime committed by an international financial institution, created under the Charter of the UN – an institution that has long ago seized to respect the rules under which it has been founded, but functions as a mere extended arm of the US Treasury. This institution and the EU are hastening indebting Ukraine – even before the country has a legitimate government, to make it dependent on the abusive western banking system, regardless of what the new government after the 25 May elections will decide.

CNBC  and other western and Asian news outlets quote from an IMF staff report

“Should the central government lose effective control over the east, the program will need to be re-designed.”

In other words:

“Go to war with your pro-Russian Ukrainian brothers, otherwise you won’t get the money!”

The report further says that

If the government loses control of the east, it would further erode the country’s finances and damage Ukraine’s ability to attract investment.”

In other words – You will then need more of our debt-money, but at even harsher conditions.

In other words, the IMF insists, that Kiev takes control of Eastern Ukraine, lest the rescue package will be ‘reconsidered’, or redesigned – or scrapped altogether.

This is pure blackmailing a desperate government, coercing it into a civil war – into sending its troops to fight and kill its compatriots in the east, whose only ‘fault’ is that they want independence from the racist neo-Nazi Washington-supported government of thugs – that came to power after a 5 billion dollar ten-year effort for regime change, instigated by the United States of America.

The IMF now appears to also play the role of a proxy warrior for Washington’s assassin-in-chief. It is almost unbelievable. But in today’s manipulated and brainwashed western population, war becomes peace, because according to the Washington Post “War is brutal, but the alternative is worse.” And “Wars make us safer and richer”.

These are the new values promoted by the presstitute mainstream media. – Who is surprised, then, if the IMF now in addition tosuffocating populations with burdens of debt, is coercing them into civil wars, killing themselves.

 If not stopped, it won’t be long before a small military corporate and banking elite will be reigning over a reduced population serving them as serfs.

But there is hope. The BRICS and associates (also called BRICSA) – controlling about a third of the world’s GDP and half of the world’s population– are preparing an alternative monetary system with a new money to be used for international trading and as reserve currency, including a new international payment system that would be totally detached from the dollar dominated sham economy.

This new paradigm for world economy and finance most likely will be welcome and attract many nations which are now in submission and for fear of ‘sanctions’ in the camp of the bully.

But most of them quietly wish for the collapse of the monster – just waiting to break loose when it happens. The world may look forward to emerging from ages of darkness into an era of light, into the prosperity of living in peace and harmony with each other and with Mother Earth.

Peter Koenig is an economist and former World Bank staff. He worked extensively around the world in the fields of environment and water resources. He writes regularly for the Voice of Russia, Global Research and ICH, and other internet sites. He is the author of Implosion – An Economic Thriller about War, Environmental Destruction and Corporate Greed – fiction based on facts and on 30 years of World Bank experience around the globe

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