The Hidden Truth: The Rising Tide of “Global Racism” and Xenophobia

Based on polarizing events during the first month of 2015, it would appear that racism around the world may be increasing. Anti-Moslem demonstrations have taken place throughout Europe. Just one day prior to the Charlie Hebdo attack in Paris, a Guardian article opened with “it has been a grim start for 2015 as far as European tolerance is concerned,” noting three mosques in Sweden set on fire during the week preceding the false flag terrorism in France. During the month prior to Hebdo, two-thirds of the Moslem association buildings in Sweden had been vandalized.

Three days before the Paris attack, a record turnout of 18,000 people in Dresden and other German cities marched in a Pegida rally demonstrating against Moslem immigration. Every Monday since last October growing crowds representing Pegida have taken to the streets in Germany in reaction to the influx of Middle Eastern and Arab immigrants into their country. It appears that xenophobia is on the rise in Europe and elsewhere around the globe. But before believing all the mainstream media hype, in both Sweden and Germany there were even larger counterdemonstrations advocating racial and religious acceptance, inclusion and tolerance. So fortunately not everyone is so dumbed down and easily manipulated by the lies and propaganda reported by mainstream media.

20 million Moslems reside in the 28 nations that comprise the European Union. Their share of the total population in Europe has grown from 4% in 1990 to 6% in 2010. And in 2030 Moslems are expected to make up 8% of the continental population. These figures documenting their growing presence in recent months and years has caused a backlash of increasing native ethno-Europeans expressing anti-Moslem sentiments through public protests, hate crimes and rising popularity of anti-immigration political parties and organizations. A recent poll of various countries in Europe indicates that the people overestimate the number of Moslems actually in their country. For instance, French respondents guessed that 31% of the French population is Moslem when in actuality only 7.5% are. Germans believed 19% of its populace were Moslem instead of the actual 5.8% and Americans estimated 15% of people in the US are Moslem when they actually represent just 1%.

These distorted perceptions that their countries have been invaded by darker skinned Islamic foreigners originating from North Africa, the Middle East and Central Asia have given rise to a growing anti-Moslem movement determined to take back their homeland. In reaction to the Sharia patrols enforcing Islamic custom in Muslim populated areas of London, white street thugs have begun springing up in the UK calling themselves Christians as they parade through the Moslem neighborhoods reasserting both their turf and will to show UK Moslems who their real boss and owners are.

Add to this dangerous mix the deceptive ploy to paint all Arabs, Moslems and Middle Easterners as potential terrorists and you have a growing number of gullible people and nations on a witch hunt using these groups as a convenient scapegoat. When in fact the true reality is the war on terror was a creation invented by the true axis of evil the US Empire-NATO-Israeli-Saudi planet killing machine as really a war against Islam. From 9/11 to Hebdo to the latest Islamic State beheadings, the so called terrorists are mere mercenary stooges, hired guns to do the evil bidding of the true terrorists lurking inside the evil axis governments of the West. Through false flag lies they’ve effectively manipulated a sizeable portion of both European and North American populations into believing that the Muslim cultural and ethnic influence in the West has somehow defiled the white purity of Christian homogeneity that’s been the sole dominator for so many centuries. Hence in these post-9/11 years religious and ethnic tolerance has been somewhat strained as tensions between in-group Christian natives and out-group Moslem arrivals have risen, particularly in Europe where far more Moslems live.

Mainstream media feed both Europeans and North Americans’ fears and biases against Moslems by constantly hyping up inflated dangers that Islamic extremists pose to their safety. Out of a total of 152 acts of terror reported by Europol, the European Union’s law enforcement agency, only two in 2013 were “religiously motivated” by Moslems, the rest were carried out by Ethno-nationalists and separatists. Among the most deadly in European history killing 77 in Norway in 2011 was the terror committed by a Christian extremist. Though both Europeans and Americans are regularly led to believe that Moslem terrorists are responsible for the terrorism on their soil, in reality over 90% of these acts were committed by non-Moslems. But this nonstop infusion of lies and distortions become the negative propaganda by which the US-NATO-Israeli Empire enflames and propagates its war of terror against both its citizens and especially against the entire Moslem world.

Last week world leaders gathered in Prague for the Holocaust Commemoration and to discuss the growing anti-Semitism, racism and xenophobia in Europe. 70 years after the Jewish concentration camps were liberated, another wave of ethnic prejudice and hatred has resurfaced in Europe. The apartheid Israeli government’s hardline policy against Palestinians and Netanyahu’s agenda toward ethnic cleansing in Gaza as demonstrated by last summer’s bloodbath has resulted in much of the world turning more openly against Israel. Though the blowback for its inhumane mistreatment toward 5 million indigenous Muslim Arabs whose land was brutally and criminally stolen is manifesting through a growing number of nations like France recently calling for recognition of Palestine as a sovereign state, it also is giving rise to increasing anti-Semitism. Just as the brutal aggression of the US Empire has caused many around the world to hate the United States and its people, as the US partner-in-crime, hatred toward Israel and its people even extending to Jews living outside Israel is a regrettable consequence underscoring the importance of differentiating between the American and Jewish people and their tyrannical murderous governments.

Mounting effects from globalization, polarization, incessant war, widespread economic instability, rising poverty and resultant impoverishment amongst a growing number of the current 7.2 billion earth inhabitants has caused millions of humans to move to other global regions in search of opportunity for a better life. North America has been the historic receptacle for those from around the world determined to make a better life for themselves. With one in seven humans in the world currently going to bed hungry each and every night, trying to seek a more stable, comfortable life elsewhere is a natural consequence. And with the hungry outnumbering those living in both Europe and North America, it comes as no surprise that people would gravitate to where severe hunger and abject poverty may not be the everyday norm. Historically migrations from economically struggling Third World nations to more prosperous First World nations have been an increasing global trend over the last century. From the Migration and Globalization report:

Today, the number of people living outside their country of birth is larger than at any other time in history. International migrants would now constitute the world’s fifth most populous country if they all lived in the same place. The number of people living outside their nation of origin has risen from 120 million in 1990 to an estimated 215 million in 2012.

As we enter 2015’s Black History month in the United States, racial tensions driven primarily by increased incidence of white policemurdering unarmed African Americans has caused widespread protests last year in places like St. Louis and New York. Consistent failure of local authorities to hold trigger-happy militant white police officers accountable in a number of high profile incidents has only aggravated and reinforced public perception that racism is still thriving in America, particularly in its militarized law enforcement. In 2012 there were 312 extrajudicial killings of African Americans, the Trayvon Martin case being the most publicized where killer George Zimmerman walked free. With even more blacks killed in the last two years that number has jumped to more than one a day.

At about one million – more than in slavery in 1850 – black men represent half the US prison population. At only 5% of the world population, the US holds 25% of the world’s imprisoned population, far exceeding any other nation. 70% of US inmates are either Hispanic or African Americans while near half the prison population is serving time for drug related nonviolent offenses. The gross injustice of the court system that so widely discriminates against persons of color blatantly proves that institutional racism remains a pervasively embedded fact in the US. Racial disparities in the US are looming larger all the time, showing the rest of the world that the US consistently mistreats and discriminates against humans of color around the globe.

Additionally, the unprecedented soaring disparity rate between the rich and the poor further demonstrates that America is neither the land of opportunity nor land of the free. A decimated middle class makes it a land of the .05% haves and the 99.5% have-nots.

The continuing uninterrupted flow of illegal aliens from Mexico and especially Central America pouring into the US and the federal government’s utter inability and/or unwillingness to address the problem through immigration reform again has only increased friction between races. The US war on drugs is a war against people of color. While nearly a million are locked away behind bars on nonviolent drug charges, the US government continues bilking multi-billions off its international drug trafficking using offshore money laundering through large US banks. The US pours billions of taxpayer dollars into supporting corrupt brutal regimes around the world responsible for partnering with drug cartels that together kill thousands of its own citizens. And we wonder why so many from south of the border are crossing north of the border.

The eye-opening reality of how the US government is making our world far less secure while far more armed and dangerous for all of us on earth has produced a mounting crisis in confidence and distrust amongst the US population toward its nation’s abysmally poor leadership in both its incompetent president and totally inept Congress. In recent years approval ratings have sagged and hovered near all-time lows. A year ago 76% of Americans had no faith in their government. More United States citizens are recognizing that their needs and interests are clearly not being met by their elected representatives who increasingly answer to the needs and interests of a corporate oligarchy confirmed by results of a joint Princeton-Northwestern study released last spring.

Perhaps the biggest single factor behind both the global inter-mixing of ethnic groups as well as the escalating racial and ethnic conflicts is the designed agenda of the globalists orchestrating and ushering in their New World Order. For centuries the ruling elite in Europe and North America have purposely caused countless wars, conflict, strife and destruction by utilizing the age-old strategy of divide and conquer. For a hundred years the globalists have viewed the biggest obstacles to their one world government to be nationalism and religion. Additionally, moves to regionalize merging blocs of nations like the European Union are a principal strategic process toward materializing the New World Order. The WTO, NAFTA and the various international “free” trade agreements also merging regional economic interests act as major steppingstones toward increasing centralized banking control facilitated by a one world government.

In more recent years attacks on individualism, the American family and the middle class have also been added to the NWO list of enemies. The globalist goal is to lower the standard of living by bankrupting America and Europe to that of the Third World nations through a systematic pattern of globalization, privatization, indentured servitude, war, destabilization, austerity and impoverishment.

Just over two decades ago David Rockefeller addressing the UN revealed the NWO objective:

We are on the verge of a global transformation. All we need is the right major crisis… and the nations will accept the New World Order.

By repeating lies often enough to convince people they’re true, the powers-that-be systematically use propaganda, disinformation and false flag crises to constantly create designated enemies by demonizing any individuals, groups and nations that resist its predatory clutches, refusing to submit to US global hegemony. That’s why groups like Moslems and nations like Russia, China, Iran, Syria, Cuba, Venezuela and North Korea have historically been targeted in the US imperialistic crosshairs for attack either through military means or economic sanctions.

By pitting different races, classes, religions, nationalities and ideologies against each other both domestically and abroad, human history has consisted of centuries of relentless, unending violence and bloodshed. Utilizing this same insidious, divide and conquer Modus Operandi, the ruling elite has been victimizing humans doomed to repeatedly reliving the same bloody history in an infinite, never-ending do-loop of destruction and despair. The true instigators and perpetrators of so much untold theft, death and destruction are those elite puppet masters operating behind the scenes, resolutely, busily promoting the New World Order complete with one centralized government, a single currency and a microchip implanted in every human subject that serves the privileged ruling elite. This absolute control over the surviving human population left on earth that’s not already been eugenically culled and destroyed by war, disease and pestilence is totalitarianism at its demonic worst.

It is up to us as human beings to see through the oligarchs’ sinister divide and conquer formula that brainwashes people into hating, blaming and killing others. Until we realize that it is not a particular nation, or racial group, or religious group that is our enemy, but the ruling elite that are pulling all the murderous strings that is the true enemy of humankind, we will forever be locked in chains. Only in mindful awareness and unified solidarity can the true enemy of life be challenged and overcome. Fear, ignorance, complacency, denial and passivity will assure their victory and the very destruction of all that we hold scared. We as a human race must recognize the real truth and act now against the psychopathic rulers whose national leaders and corporate CEO’s are merely their ineffectual errand boys and girls employed to do their diabolical bidding. Both the puppet masters and their puppets are guilty of betraying the human race and their treasonous evildoing must be opposed and defeated since the very survival of planet earth is precariously hanging in the balance.

Joachim Hagopian is a West Point graduate and former US Army officer. He has written a manuscript based on his unique military experience entitled “Don’t Let The Bastards Getcha Down.” It examines and focuses on US international relations, leadership and national security issues. After the military, Joachim earned a masters degree in Clinical Psychology and worked as a licensed therapist in the mental health field for more than a quarter century. He now concentrates on his writing.

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