The Hariri Assassination and the Crisis in Lebanon: Selected Global Research Articles
By Global Research
Global Research, January 18, 2011
18 November 2011
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  1. The Hariri Assassination: All Eyes on Lebanon

    2 Dec 2010 Lebanon has been on-edge since it became known that the STL will likely implicate high-ranking Hezbollah officials in Hariri’s murder, – Cached


    The Hariri Assassination: Israel ‘s Fingerprints

    23 Jul 2010 As for the yet unsolved case of the February 2005 murder of Lebanese Prime Minister Rafiq Hariri, the underpinnings of this covert operation – Cached


    Revelations on Rafik Hariri’s Assassination: Was Israel Involved?

    3 Dec 2010 During his 15 and 16 November official visit to Moscow, Saad Hariri – current Lebanese Prime Minister and son of the deceased – reiterated – Cached


    Assassination of former Lebanese Prime Minister Rafik Hariri

    10 Aug 2010 The Lebanese network Al-Manar aired the speech and incorporated the evidence, showing intercepted footage of Hariri’s house in the lead-up – Cached


    France Implicated in Hariri Murder Case

    2 May 2010 A report by the Volatairenet website said that France had provided Mohammed Zuhair Siddiq — the key witness in the case of Rafiq Hariri’s – Cached


    Judicial Colonialism, The Assassination of Rafik Hariri: A Biased

    15 Sep 2006 Assassination of Rafik Hariri, Beirut, February 14th, 2005 It is a pity that my book The Hariri Murder Case [2] hasn’t been published in – CachedSimilar


    Who was Rafik Hariri, and who was behind his assassination?

    28 Feb 2005 Hariri became prime minister after the accords signed in Taef (a city in Saudi Arabia) in 1989 that put an end to the civil war in Lebanon – Cached


    Who was Rafiq Hariri, and Who was behind his assassination?

    25 Oct 2005 Who was Hariri, and who could be behind this assassination? Hariri is a businessman born into an ordinary poor family from Lebanon. – CachedSimilar


    The Hariri Special Court vs the Imminent U.S. Attack on Iran

    22 Jul 2007 As regards assassinations, while pushing for the Hariri “special court,” the United States openly pays large sums for hired assassinations – Cached


    The Collapse of Lebanon’s Government

    13 Jan 2011 Last weekend, U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton met Hariri in New After meeting with Hariri, Clinton embarked on a tour of Persian

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