The Good Soldier: Former US Serviceman Joshua Key, Refuses to Fight in Iraq. Living in Limbo.
By Michael Welch
Global Research, April 03, 2015

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I will never apologize for deserting the American army. I deserted an injustice and leaving was the only right thing to do. I owe one apology and one apology only, and that is to the people of Iraq.” -Joshua Key in The Deserter’s Tale



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Joshua Key is one of dozens of US GIs who sought refuge in Canada rather than be forced to serve in a war they considered legally and morally wrong.

He served from April to November of 2003, the first year of the war. He then went AWOL during a visit to the United States. By March of 2005 he had made it up to Canada and sought refugee status.

Ten years ago, Canada had earned respect around the world for refusing to officially join then President Bush’s ‘Coalition of the Willing.’

Times have changed since those early years. The Canadian government under Conservative Prime Minister Stephen Harper is arguably the most bellicose Western leader with regard to military offensives, supposedly against ISIS/ISIL in Iraq. This same government is now determined to return all military deserters back to the US where they face lengthy prison sentences, especially if they have been outspoken against the war.

Joshua Key was the very first US GI to write a memoir of his time in Iraq, let alone a critical account.

Key is not allowed to utilize Canada’s medicare system nor is he allowed to earn an income, leaving he, his Canadian wife and Canadian-born children to rely on donations.

A fund-raiser was held for Mr. Key and his family in Winnipeg on Sunday March 29. Also speaking at the event were Michelle Robidoux, organizer with the Toronto-based War Resisters Support Campaign, and Alyssa Manning, a legal representative for Joshua and his fellow War resisters.

This week’s Global Research News Hour, a special holiday edition featuring contributor and guest host Jonathan Wilson, airs audio from the March 29 fund-raiser.

Michelle Robidoux brings audience members up to date on the campaign, including the negative actions being taken against the cases of several war resisters.

Alyssa Manning provides legal precedents which furnish a case for letting war resisters stay in Canada.

Finally Joshua Key provides his first person account of his time in Iraq, his abandonment of the war, and his efforts to live in peace in Canada.



Length (59:19)

Click to download the audio (MP3 format)


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