The Flood of Refugees into Europe: “The New Slave Trade”

The flood of refugees entering Europe is endless. Nobody knows exactly how many there are and where they go and went. This year, 2015, up to November, estimates vary from the low of 750,000 to a high of 2 million. Most of them went to Germany, or want to go to Germany. Up to a million, perhaps more may end up in Germany by the end of this year. For 2016 predictions are for up to 2 million. They are the direct results of the Washington-NATO driven wars and conflicts in the Middle East which keep raging on; creating chaos. Complete deliberate and manmade chaos.

The German Government has made a commitment to accept a comparatively extra-large contingent of refugees, to give them shelter, to feed them. But where and with what? – Is it guilt that strikes Madame Merkel and Co. for being complicit in the destruction of their lands, their homes, their families, their economies – in one short word, their lives?

This flood of refugees, ordered by the Washington Dictator to be retained by Turkey at the tune of 2.5 million – or more – in camps with full infrastructure that have cost some 6 billion dollars to build – not counting their maintenance – and then let lose in huge hordes at the appropriate times, like now, in stormy fall weather, followed by harsh European winters, also by orders of the Dictator. He, in turn, is comfortably protected between two oceans, oblivious to the pain of far-away others – creating purposely more confusion, destabilization and havoc within the EU – which has never really been a union, with or without refugees. The refugees are used as a weapon of destabilization

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And yes, he the Washington strongman can, because the Europeans are his trusted vassals.

One by one of these un-solidary union members are pushing and shoving the stream of forced migrants, desperate hungry and sick people – on to the next country. Some build walls, or lock their borders with barbed wire fences, patrolled by armed police, military and vicious dogs. Sea-water or rain-soaked refugees are beaten, families pulled and pushed apart, dragged in the dirt. Police and military hatred and brutality in Serbia, Hungary the Czech Republic and others know no limits. Blood is flowing, small children in the arms of their hopeless and hapless parents – crying, not understanding the cruel world they have been born into – and will have to endure. Misery for millions in a world where injustice is ever more becoming the order of the day. – And we are blinded to it. Cohabitation with misery and injustice by millions has become the new normal.

Misery, hardship and submission are part of the dogma of the neoliberal masters we have allowed to take over our western world in the last 30 years. Our comfort and obscene consumerism has blinded us – and is still blinding us – to the drip-by-drip brainwashing MSM propaganda. The neocons are in the driver’s seat and will remain there until We, The People – the vast majority of the planet – 99.99% – show them the way to get lost – lost for good. Yes we can. We really can. But we have to become conscious of what’s going on and transpose our conscience to a level of non-acceptance.

Individual faces of those poor souls on the run don’t count. Small children, women, old men – thousands and thousands die en route to a ‘more decent life’; they are mere statistics, faceless numbers. They are used as weapons to destabilize, to weaken other nations, to soften them, so to speak, for easier dominance and digestion of the hungry arrogant, outsized beast, appearing in the form of the United States of America, but representing a global, Zionist-led elite, with an intimidating, scary killer army that absorbs more than half of the world’s military budget.

Obey or you will be sanctioned. Economically or by forced regime change. Either you follow the dictate, or a false flag will make you guilty deserving of punishment and annihilation. Europe has been ‘bought’, coerced and manipulated into this humiliation. The European Union is a sham. The European Commission is a deceit. There is not one non-neoliberal country in the entire 28 member European non-union. How is this possible? – A uniform world view whether your label is ‘right’ or ‘left’ – all meaningless.

Universal election fraud is presented on a silver platter like the severed head of democracy, but nobody wants to see it. It’s like admiring the emperor’s wonderful clothes, not wanting to admit that he is stark naked. We keep talking about democratic elections. Nonsense. There is no democracy anymore as it was crafted 2500 years ago by the minds of the philosophers of Delphi in ancient Greece. Most all and everybody in our western world is buyable. Rare is the politician who isn’t. He won’t last. Money reigns.

Why can’t we admit to the falsehood of things? – In our deep conscience we all know that ‘something is wrong’. Millions of refugees suddenly flooding the European Continent – something must be wrong. Does anybody see the systematic destruction of the entire Middle East and North Africa (MENA) Region – and make the connection to the refugees?

The propaganda lies of the media are ever bolder, more flagrant. We sense it. But we don’t do anything about it. If we were, we would not live in a world of permanent war, conflicts, killing for power, dominance and greed, exploitation – endless egocentricity. We would not believe the barrage of lies we are showered with day-by-day by the corrupt mainstream media. We would not be forced to run from one fire to the next. There would be no refugees, but, instead, these proud and honest people would be building their countries there cultures and strive for living well – which is the right of every human being.

Back to reality. In some small German villages the number of refugees is larger than the local population. With all good will, shelters cannot be created fast enough and warm enough (winter is approaching) – and the food supply. Who pays? – The nationals feel overwhelmed. A few weeks ago, the mood among Germans was cheery. Welcome signs everywhere – yes, welcoming the refugees, with smiles, with hugs, with food and gifts. The warmness of the German people was stunning.

That’s gone now.

We Europeans and Germans in particular, are beset by confusion. The EU leaders (sic) are saying one thing but doing another. They are confused at best and lying at worst. Trust has been corrupted by lies after lies after lies.

We do not seem to see through the scheme, a multi-faceted Machiavellian plan:

Refugees are becoming the new slaves. Many are highly educated, but poor, hungry and without shelter. They will work for peanuts just to feed their families, pressing on local wages, increasing unemployment – destroying local economies, creating fear, anxieties among locals – anxious people have no energy to stand up for their rights – defend themselves their sovereignty. They are easy prey. That’s what Washington and its associated vassal dictators want.

The exit of millions from Syria, Iraq, Libya – the MENA Region as a whole, is a brain drain for the refugees’ home countries, creating a ’brain-overflow’ in Europe, in Germany in particular – competing with locals, demoralizing, fomenting jealousy, dividing communities and entire societies – breaking down livelihoods.

These educated refugees are fleeing north, a few to Sweden Denmark, Norway, but the vast majority to the assumed heaven of well-being – Germany, where cheap labor and low-wage academics may eventually replace locals, increasing unemployment, lowering production costs, boosting profits and widening the gap between rich and poor, rapidly increasing social inequity.

Why is Germany singled out by the overseas masters? Is it still the old Churchill saying, “keep Americans in, Germans down and Russians out (of Europe)?”- Does Madame Merkel not understand this – the strongest link in Europe has to be weakened on as many fronts as possible, to make it vulnerable for easy takeover by the Washington masters. If you control Germany, you control Europe. That dogma appears not having changed since Churchill.

The flood of refugees may also contain large numbers of disguised  jihadists, Islamists (some estimates say at least 10%, but there is no proof, of course), with the intent of establishing cells in Europe – explosive cells to create unrest when needed by the Big Dictator, à la failed Arab Spring and the infamous so-called ‘Colour Revolutions’ – remember?  – For which we know by now infiltrated ‘sleeper’ cells were responsible.

These are Zionist-Washington’s well-targeted challenges for Europe. Challenges Europe is unable to cope with. One wonders what these lackeys in Brussels and the newly ‘elected’ neolibs in the so-called EU member-countries were told, when they were given the marching orders – or else. They must have been given some incentives, because any halfwit would understand that this – plus the TTIP – ah yes, the TTIP – will have Europe crumble economically, if not by WWIII, and also crumble would their careers and livelihoods. Perhaps they were given the promise of a free ticket to Florida – “The Sunshine State” – or the Bahamas, when the moment comes.

UNHCR carries in its worldwide statistics about 50 million refugees (people at risk) – but in reality by now they are more like 60-70 million. Imagine these refugees as hordes of poor homeless, roofless, hapless, hungry and often sick and desperate people – a pool of cheap labor – called otherwise SLAVES. All the system needs to do is direct them to the ‘right’ countries, those on the list of having to be subdued. Germany has Europe’s lowest unemployment rate of 4.5%. If Germany ‘falls’, Russia becomes considerably more vulnerable. Russia will have to fight for Germany, for Europe’s survival, and Vladimir Putin knows it and is already doing it.

There are also the artificial ‘economic crises’ all instigated by the Washington Consensus, the western fraudulent fiat monetary system, managed and directed by the FED, Wall Street, BIS (Bank for International Settlement) and IMF. These crises maintain and accelerate the rate of unemployment in Europe which, according to Eurostat has been hovering on average between 9% and 11% over the last 20 years.

New work forces, like the slaves made from refugees will increase unemployment, lower production costs, increase corporate profits – create human misery on the one end of the spectrum and capital gains for the elite.

Marx in his Das Kapital called unemployment the ‘cushion’ for capital that presses wages down. The cushion needs to become greater in as much as capital grows. – Unemployment and underemployment embody the concept of the “industrial reserve army”. The larger the cushion, the better for the capitalists, for the investors. Others, like Keynes, have countered that capitalism could survive practically with full employment. That’s a nice thought, but unsuitable for today’s no holds-barred capitalism – called neoliberalism.

The higher the pressure on the labor force, the more instant profit accrues. No consideration for tomorrow. No respect for the worker, or the environment. Endless exploitation is required by constant growth, needed for capitalism to survive. Growth and GDP are our western economic fetishes. They are the gods of our predatory economic system which is not sustainable. In fact it is suicidal as any logic shows. The western world today uses natural resources at the rate of about 4 times what Mother Earth has to offer. And she is very generous.

Please do understand – this has been said and repeated many times – as long as we are hooked to the western monetary and linear, growth-bound economic system we are cooked. We are economically powerless and in the hands of the globalized Washington directed ZAS elite which are marching rapidly towards Full Spectrum Dominance.

No – this is not conspiracy – read up on it. There are many internet sites that give you plenty of background information on this and other burning subjects – Global Research, Information Clearing House, CounterPunch, VNN, New Eastern Outlook-NEO, to name just a few – for you to form your own ideas and opinion.

For example, the FED has just sanctioned Deutsche Bank with 250 million dollars for violating the US-imposed sanction regime, i.e. for dealing with such sanctioned countries as Iran, Syria and Libya. DB is also being probed for ‘illegal’ business with Russia. Earlier, BNP Paribas, France, was fined US$ 8.9 billion and Crédit Agricole US$ 800 million for dealing with ‘sanctioned’ countries. You may say that’s peanuts for such banks. That’s not the point. The point is: Is it right that they have to follow Washington’s dictate?

Why do they not just ignore the fines? – Simply because if they don’t pay, they would be barred from using the privately owned international transaction clearing system, SWIFT / BIS which is so far the only system for western monetary transfers. Not paying the fines would put them out of business in the western world. So – the banks almost immediately acquiesce and pay. That’s the extent to which Washington-FED is coercing its fraudulent corrupt system upon the world.

Fortunately, the system is crumbling, as there are alternatives emerging: The Russia-China monetary exchange system – CIPS (Chinese International Payment System) which is already in use for transactions between Russia and China and among most BRICS and SCO countries. Hence, it is already accessible for about half the world population, representing about one third of the globes economic output. This system is not forced upon any country. Sovereign nations are free to join if and when it suits them.

Remember, the economies of many countries for no fault of theirs still heavily depend on the fraudulent US dollar system. Switching quickly may have damaging consequences, like sanctions, embargos of a country’s assets abroad. A slow and gradual transition may be of the order.

Nevertheless, it is worth noting that according to the western international transaction system, SWIFT, the Chinese Yuan has become the second largest international trading currency after the US dollar. ‘Things’ are on the move. The prospects for a new and more democratic monetary system are on the horizon.

Back to the refugees cum new slaves. President Hollande has just announced that French labor laws are to be revised. The sacrosanct 35 h week is being questioned, among other hard-fought for union gains over the last half a century.  This means, future labor contracts may be negotiated directly between workers unions and corporations, without the backing of the government as a regulatory body behind the workers. Hence, deregulating labor laws will be playing directly into the hands of the new arriving labor force in the form of refugees – and into the possible future playing field of the TTIP.

Now you compound all these tentacles of destabilization with the nefarious and secretly negotiated TTIP (Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership) – which we all hope will not pass despite of Brussels and thanks to the German public which demonstrates ferociously against it. But if it does pass, with corporations dictating labor laws, unemployment in Europe may increase exponentially with good jobs switching to the US as labor standards are lower there than they are in Europe; and with the TTIP imposed private corporate courts that would have supremacy over national legislation — if that happens, the continent will be further destabilized. Europe ceases to be the way we know it. It may be reduced to just a geographic land mass. Future generations may be enslaved by globalized corporate power not much different from what the wave of refugees will be – if they, the refugees, stay in Europe.

Apropos staying in Europe – Madame Merkel recently negotiated a deal with Turkish President Erdogan, basically telling him, you keep the refugees locked away in your refugee camps, we will give you 3 billion euros and may reconsider Turkey’s membership in the EU. That, in itself sounds like a deal made by mafia. Instead of seeking a treaty with untrustworthy terrorist supporting Turkey, Madame Merkel may contemplate talking to Justin Trudeau, Canada’s new Prime Minister. He may want to consider settling the vast, fertile and unpopulated western Canada with refugees from the Middle East. The 3 billion euros Merkel promised Erdogan could become a joint German-Canada cooperation project to help develop the basic infrastructure to accommodate the new settlers. This could become a huge ‘win-win’ situation: economic development for Canada and well-being for Middle-Eastern migrants chased from their lands by empirical wars.

There may be, after all, a light at the end of the tunnel for Germany and even Europe, for those willing to abandon Washington vassal-hood. And this with regard to the new wave of migration and all its implications, as well as a new approach to national economies, for which the East may offer an alternative.

Peter Koenig is an economist and geopolitical analyst. He is also a former World Bank staff and worked extensively around the world in the fields of environment and water resources. He writes regularly for Global Research, ICH, RT, Sputnik News, TeleSur, The Vineyard of The Saker Blog, and other internet sites. He is the author of Implosion – An Economic Thriller about War, Environmental Destruction and Corporate Greed – fiction based on facts and on 30 years of World Bank experience around the globe. He is also a co-author of The World Order and Revolution! – Essays from the Resistance

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