The Extent of Foreign Interference in the Affairs of the U.K. Government by Lobbyists is not “Democratic Governance”
By Hans Stehling
Global Research, November 24, 2017

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The current insidious influence in both Houses of the British Parliament, of the agents of foreign states and their meddling, both overt and covert, in the sovereign affairs of the United Kingdom, including the legislature, must be exposed and curtailed as a matter of national security. The business of Parliament must not be allowed to be unduly influenced by a foreign embassy in London for otherwise democracy fails and the whole of Britain, her people and her domestic and overseas interests are at risk.

There is, today, no issue of greater political, economic and military importance to the United Kingdom than the appreciation of the extent of foreign interference, posing as altruistic activity, in the domestic and political affairs of our country. Whether that interference is under the cloak of lavish ‘dinners’ at the House of Commons or paid ‘fact-finding’ visits to foreign capitals – it has become a very real threat when it involves many senior, but gullible, government officials as, unfortunately, it does today.

Government by lobbyists is not democratic governance; it is compliance with the objectives of a powerfully funded group of political activists acting covertly in the interests of a foreign state and often against the interests of the United Kingdom.

Members of Parliament are elected by the citizens of Britain to represent us, not to have that representation suborned to the interests of an overseas state. And by the same token, members of the Second Chamber, the House of Lords, must also act exclusively in the interests of the United Kingdom and not in collusion with a foreign power as was clearly evidenced by one member of each House who were recently exposed as acting in concert together with a foreign government.

No British citizen should act in the interests of an overseas state or foreign power when that action is detrimental to the United Kingdom or the British electorate.  It is unlawful. 

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