The End Game! Those Who Speak against War and Tell the Truth are Targeted
By Massoud Nayeri
Global Research, March 31, 2018

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The most powerful military forces of NATO have engaged in a pre-war blame game against Russia.  The official story is that Mr. Putin personally ordered the death of a former British spy (Sergei Skripal) and his daughter by poisoning them with Novichok, a Russian nerve agent.

Detectives in the U.K. have allegedly identified a high concentration of Novichok poison on the front door of the victims. At the same time, they are reporting that the condition of Mrs. Yulia Skripal -the daughter- is improving however she is not able to talk to investigators yet.

Beyond this story, they have not shown any verifiable evidence or a meaningful motive why Russia would be behind this horrible act. However, they all are in agreement that it is “highly likely” that Russia has committed this crime since nobody else could possibly do such thing!  In other words, their evidence lies in a mountain of accusations!Of course, the corrupt media tirelessly rushed in putting all kinds of old stories with the new footage (some which look like scenes from Sci-Fi movies) to prove that Russia is guilty. CNN (the number one warmonger among news channels in the U.S.) believes they have already established a strong “case” against Russia just by saying Russia, Russia, Russia, every few minutes 24/7!

Obviously the immediate result of this game was the expelling of diplomats from all sides.

Now the question on everybody’s mind is what is next?

What is the end game?

While the leaders of the Western “democracies” are proudly patting each other’s back in their anti-Russian campaign, they are perplexed in how to go forward!

This show of unity among some NATO members against Russia has different economic consequences for different members.

This unevenness makes unity among major countries in the west shaky and short-lived.

Germany is already questioning the U.K./U.S. regarding concrete evidence that Moscow has been behind the nerve toxin attack in the city of Salisbury. Meantime, the U.S. leadership is entangled with their own unique set of problems that makes a clear foreign policy impossible and the circling of the wagons impractical.

The logical result of the U.S./U.K. anti-Russian campaign is a military conflict.

The 1% in the U.S. and U.K. are well aware of the rise of working people who are demanding change (this fact is also true in Russia). People are tired of decades of “War on Terror” and certainly are not ready for a major nuclear war against any country. The tangible danger of the anti-Russian campaign is the attack against Freedom of Speech. In the U.S. we are witnessing how the specter of censorship is creeping up against all Americans who are discussing the possibilities of a better system to solve our fatal social, economic and environmental problems.

Today those who speak against war and tell the truth are targeted and will be the victims of unfounded government accusations.

The recent decision of the government of Ecuador to cut off the WikiLeaks editor, Julian Assange’s access to the outside world and his visitation right at the Ecuadorian Embassy in London; is an ALARMING SIGN for all free thinkers.

Peace activists and democratic-minded people around the world should unite and organize against the censorship and war regardless of their ideology.


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