The Empire of Chaos
By Anthony Freda
Global Research, March 31, 2015

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Propaganda is designed to promote paranoia by attributing barbarism to the enemy and righteousness to your cause.

The barbaric beheading videos purported by Western media to be part of “ISIS recruitment propaganda” have had quite the opposite effect.

The videos have done nothing but foment worldwide hatred for the group and a blood lust for revenge.

Public support for new US led “humanitarian” wars to stop these beheading madmen has never been greater.

Clearly, ISIS  has a terrible public relations department.

Is ISIS really seeking to promote their own cause, and demonize their enemies or do they want the might of Western military pointed at them?

If so, wouldn’t they document the atrocities of their enemies, instead of their own?

Wouldn’t they compile the footage of children slaughtered by western forces and drone attacks all over the region?

A highlight real of recent torture, mass slaughter and chaos caused by US intervention in the region could easily be produced.

“The Greatest Hits of US Imperialism, 2001-2015” could go viral and maybe even get more hits on YouTube than Gangnam Style.

A video like that might actually help shift the public’s desire for war and retribution towards a yearning for peace and reconciliation.

If only ISIS had a better marketing strategy, I’m sure mainstream media would promote such a campaign with the same enthusiasm they showcase their popular beheading series.

But, then again, no rational power would use it’s media to promote it’s enemy’s propaganda.

That would be insane, wouldn’t it?

Anthony Freda

Your private data is being stolen by a criminal government.

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