The Economic Pearl Harbor

The Alarm Bells have been Sounded


On January 18, 2009, the Associated Press reported that in an interview aired on “Dateline NBC” the Chairman and CEO of Berkshire Hathaway Inc., Warren Buffett said that the “US is engaged in an economic Pearl Harbor.”

A shiver ran down my spine!

There was hardly any comment by any of our national dailies or the leading financial dailies.

Obviously, what Warren Buffett said is open to several interpretations. Whatever it may be, it cannot be good.


If the United States is engaged in an economic Pearl Harbor, it follows that there must be an enemy. Who is this enemy?

When the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor, it gave President Roosevelt the pretext to enter World War II, at a time when the nation was against going to war. It was a day of infamy and American blood must be avenged. The rest, as they say is history – but a distorted one at that. It is now widely held that President Roosevelt had received advance warnings about the Japanese attack on December 7, 1941. But the intelligence never reached the US Fleet and the ensuing anger and outrage compelled what was once a reluctant public to join the British induced war against Germany.

But recently, this reference to Pearl Harbor by the neo-cons gave rise to the Global War of Terror in 2001 which postponed the day of financial reckoning by seven years, when President George Bush pumped over US$3 trillion into the war economy.

Recall what the neo-con think tank, Project for the New American Century foretold: “the process of transforming the US into tomorrow’s dominant force was likely to be a long one, in the absence of some catastrophic and catalyzing event like a new Pearl Harbor.”


September 11 was the catalyzing event, the New Pearl Harbor which enabled the neo-cons to put into action their plan for global domination. And like the events leading to the original Pearl Harbor, President Bush and his regime were warned by eleven countries and were supplied with specific intelligence in the months before 9/11 but no actions were taken.

It was another day of infamy and the United States was led once again by the nose to embark on a military misadventure in Afghanistan and Iraq. The Global War on Terror was unleashed!

This is the third time that a catastrophic event is invoked to justify a certain course of action.


That it is Warren Buffett who is making this reference is most telling, for he is the hidden economic and financial adviser to President Obama. Warren Buffett has in fact said that Obama is the best man for the job!

Warren Buffett is not the effable businessman that the mass media make him out to be. He is an insider in every sense of the word. 

I have said repeatedly for over two years that there is an ongoing global currency warfare and what is at stake is the hegemony of the US dollar. Warren Buffet knows that if the dollar ends up officially as toilet paper, his fortune and that of his global partnership – the hidden manipulators would be finished.


This message that the US is in an economic Pearl Harbor is meant for the enemy, as yet to be disclosed to the American public. It is a warning no less.

President Obama has echoed the sentiments in the course of his inauguration speech.

Food for thought:

In both the previous Pearl Harbor events, there were advance warnings of the impending attacks on the United States, which were later used as a pretext for waging global wars – World War II and the Global War on Terror.

What is in store for the United States and the world in this, the third and final Pearl Harbor?

Since Warren Buffett has stated that the United States is already “engaged in an economic Pearl Harbor” I can only conclude that we are going to be in a real big mess very soon – to be precise, the end of the first quarter of 2009! 

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