The Eastern European Islands of the Global GULAG

Among the first to report the existence of CIA special prisons and concentration camps in a number of countries, for example, in Poland, Romania, LithuaniaUkraine, Bulgaria, Macedonia, and on the territory controlled by the Kosovar Albanian regime, were the Swiss media. In December 2005 the Polish newspaper Gazeta Wyborcza confirmed that the «main European secret CIA prison» is located in Poland. The scandal which was at that time hushed up has now resurfaced. In Strasbourg hearings have begun in the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) on a suit brought by two prisoners of the American Guantanamo Bay detention camp, Palestinians Al-Nashiri and Abu Zubaydah, who assert that in the early 2000s U.S. intelligence agencies detained them in a Polish military prison…

For several months lawyers demanded that the court hearings be held behind closed doors and that the press not be admitted. However, the results of the investigation and the details of the abductions and tortures were made public anyway. It turned out that the Poles actively assisted in what the CIA calls «enhanced interrogation techniques», which include refined tortures and abuses like dehydration, hypothermia, and «putting the heat on» with death threats by putting a gun or a drill to someone’s head. That is how they interrogated prisoners in the secret CIA prison near the village of Stare Kiejkuty, 170 km from Warsaw.

The Council of Europe accused Romania of creating secret prisons in 2007 (although they appeared there at least four years earlier). In Lithuania, special prisons located 20-40 km from Vilnius appeared in 2002, and joint operations of the CIA and the local State Security Department in the form of torture sessions with «live material» delivered from Afghanistan were codenamed «Amber Rebuff».

However, what do the Americans need abuses of prisoners and a worldwide network of special prisons and concentration camps for?

The fact that the U.S. has created an entire network of concentration camps and secret prisons throughout the world is now common knowledge. The geography of the global GULAG is astounding. According to a statement by Dick Marty, a representative of the Legal Affairs and Human Rights Committee of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe (PACE), European countries knew as early as 2004 of the existence of secret CIA prisons and U.S. treatment of suspected terrorists in these prisons. Marty, an experienced Swiss legal expert, called the passive attitude of a number of European governments toward what Americans were doing with Muslim prisoners «shameful». But in addition to the European «islands», the global GULAG the Americans have created includes concentration camps and prisons located in Afghanistan (at least nine), Pakistan, on the island of Diego Garcia in the Indian Ocean, in Jordan, Iraq (at least thirteen), Syria, Cuba, Azerbaijan, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Thailand, Morocco, Egypt and other countries where there simply is no one for the Americans to feel «ashamed» in front of. Furthermore, there are a number of concentration camps operating on U.S. military bases and naval ships.

As for the abuses of Muslim prisoners, according to The Washington Post,from the very beginning they were part of the development of a special method. The detainees’ will needed to be broken. To achieve this, they were stripped naked; for adherents of Islam, which teaches that the body should be maximally covered, this is a terrible mental shock. The attorneys who defended the U.S. military personnel who were accused of torturing prisoners at the Abu Ghraib prison asserted that their clients did it not out of sadism, but because they were following orders.

U.S. military intelligence specialists started a thorough study of the reactions of the «fundamentalist» Muslim consciousness to critical stimuli in the early 2000s. The purpose was to create and test technologies for reflex control of people based on knowledge of the systemic reactions of the population to which those people belong. Specialists from Heinrich Himmler’s organizations once engaged in similar activities at Nazi concentration camps; they were later convicted of war crimes by the Nuremberg tribunal. This is the scientific side of things, so to say, which has already been applied in practice during the «Arab spring» and the aggression against Libya, Syria, etc.

And there is also the proverbial «human factor». Since the prisoners in the vast majority of concentration camps, prisons and special detention centers are not registered anywhere, the wardens are free to treat them as they see fit. Photos from the Abu Ghraib prison have shown the world just how vivid the imagination of these individuals raised on the products of Hollywood is. Apparently, one of the goals of this information campaign was to deflect attention from the «technological» undercurrent of the experiments conducted on people in the American prison, reducing the problem to its «psychopathic» component by saying that the mentally unbalanced lower ranks were just «amusing themselves».

The construction of the global GULAG began not just a year ago, or even ten years ago. And the camps of which it is composed were thought up not by Hitler or Himmler, or even the Soviet Chekists, as Solzhenitsyn claimed. Stalin’s GULAG was only an adaptation of advanced Western experience. The first «real» concentration camp was created in the U.S. back in the years of the Civil War between the North and the South (1861-1865). It was organized by the Confederates in the town of Andersonville. A total of around 10,000 Union prisoners died here. Over 300 prisoners were shot merely for having crossed the «dead line». There, in Andersonville, prisoners were tortured not to get military information, but simply out of sadism and «scientific interest». After the war, the commandant of the camp was executed by the Union as a war criminal. (The Northerners also built concentration camps, and brutality flourished there as well, but since the Union won the war, little evidence of their crimes remains).

The British Empire also made its contribution to the creation of death factories. From olden times free British subjects were sent to Australia for insignificant offenses (turning an entire continent into a prison camp is something that no Nazi would have even thought of). And the 20th century began to the thunder of the first war for the «new world order»: the second Anglo-Boer War (1899-1902). During this war the English first made use not only of the newest «advances» of that time such as exploding bullets, shrapnel, scorched earth tactics, and massive seizure of hostages, but also of concentration camps surrounded by barbed wire and machine guns, where a multitude of Boers died. To prevent epidemics caused by large numbers of sick and dead prisoners in the hot African climate, the English built crematoriums in the concentration camps. Thus, Hitler and his henchmen did not have to invent anything; not only the idea, but the practice of destroying certain categories of the population in death camps had already been tested by the Anglo-Saxons.

But let us return to the present. Not only concentration camps, but the B.E.A.S.T. computer, into which numeric codes for each person on earth are entered, is the brainchild of the leading country in «technical progress», the United States of America. As early as 1997, long before the scandals over global wiretapping, Snowden’s revelations, the «Manning affair», etc., the U.S. government allocated 500 million dollars for a program for total network computerization with the goal of taking control of all monetary transactions, medical services, etc., using biometric cards to link this system with the famous supercomputer with the symbolic name B.E.A.S.T. The implementation of biometric cards with all data of the human body could plunge humanity into technetronic slavery like the world has never seen. People will be numbered, like in Hitler’s concentration camps. And there is little left to do, as the Americans have already tested the system of concentration camps on a planetary scale.

Articles by: Nikolai Malishevski

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