The Dirty Digger: Selected Articles on the Rupert Murdoch Eavesdropping Affair

20 July 2011

Murdoch Empire Sinking Beneath The Sands
By George Galloway
Since becoming prime minister just fifteen months ago, Cameron has had 26 meetings with Murdoch’s executives. Cameron’s wife was likely the only person to get more meetings with the PM than Murdoch’s executives.

It’s Do or Die-time for Rupert Murdoch
By Mike Whitney
“Rupert Murdoch has been operating what amounts to a private intelligence service.”

10 Questions The MPs Will Not Ask Murdoch
By Robin Beste
What was it about the relationship with Murdoch that made Tony Blair feel it was appropriate to take a phone call from a newspaper proprietor just hours prior to – ordering the country’s armed forces to war?

Phone Hacking Crisis Shows News Corp Is No Ordinary News Company
By Jay Rosen
Rupert Murdoch’s news organisations are not in the news business. What they crave is influence.

Phone Hacking: Murdoch Paid US Anti-bribery Law Lobbyists
By Ed Pilkington
Rupert Murdoch donated $1m to a pro-business lobby in the US months before the group launched a high-profile campaign to alter the anti-bribery law.

UK media ignore Murdoch role in Iraq war: One may ask which one is more guilty?
The Murdoch’s corporation or the other British media which are deliberately turning a close eye to his roles in recent wars?

Former Fox News Producer Claims The Network’s “Brain Room” Led To Hacking:
A former producer with Fox News claimed in a lengthy essay gaining new traction this week that the conservative television station has a “Brain Room” in its New York headquarters, which enables employees to view private telephone records with ease.

What did he know and when did he know it? Cameron, Coulson and those pesky emails By William Bowles William Today at 16:41 InI
The political/corporate class must be ruing the day email arrived, it is proving to be the undoing of many a powerful individual and perhaps even the downfall of the government? But only if the media do the job they claim to be doing, investigating malfeasance at every level.

Russia�s tycoon wants to re-launch Murdoch�s News of the World Today at 18:17 RT
Russian banker and media tycoon Aleksandr Lebedev says he would like to remake Rupert Murdoch�s defunct News of the World if he is able to sell some of his assets, according to reports.”

News Corp faces new charges in the US Today at 16:54 RT
An investigation being launched by the US Justice Department into allegations of phone hacks carried out by Rupert Murdoch�s News Corp could lead to the first ever violation of the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act by any…”

Cameron cowers as Murdoch storm edges closer
Morning Star Today at 16:45
Scandal-ridden Prime Minister David Cameron cowered behind a wall of silence regarding his frequent meetings with chiefs of the Murdoch empire today.”

The fall of an empire?
Morning Star Today at 16:32
Jeremy Corbyn offers a sense of perspective amid the hype around the Murdoch scandal”

Murdoch and Blair and the Destruction of the Left
Dissident VoiceToday at 16:00The Real News Network (TRNN)
Leo Panitch, the Canada Research Chair in Comparative Political Economy and a Distinguished Research Professor of Political Science at York University in Toronto explains how media baron Rupert Murdoch used sex scandal journalism to attack the left-wing of the UK Labour Party and later helped to create Tony Blair.”

Phone-hacking scandal gets closer to Cameron Today at 14:49 RT
British Prime Minister David Cameron has had to defend himself over his close connections to the embattled Rupert Murdoch media empire before MPs, as he answered tough questions during Wednesday�s session in the House…”

Fallout for Sun king is fun, but staff will suffer
Morning Star Today at 13:48
The general debacle in Murdoch’s news empire can be celebrated by everyone to the left of Genghis Khan, not least since it takes place during the 25th anniversary year of the Wapping dispute.”

Murdoch’s Denials Are Tough to Believe, Former Wall Street Journal Reporter Sarah Ellison Says
Democracy Now! Today at 13:22
To discuss the phone hacking scandal engulfing the Rupert Murdoch media empire from Britain to the United States, we are joined by longtime journalist Sarah Ellison”

Nick Bryant
BBC News Today at 13:18
Rupert Murdoch’s frailty before MPs surprises Australia”

British PM David Cameron, Media Mogul Rupert Murdoch Face U.K. Parliament on Phone Hacking Scandal
Democracy Now!Today at 13:12
British Prime Minister David Cameron is facing questions from lawmakers today on his handling of the widening News International phone hacking scandal implicating the British police and top government officials”

VIDEO: Carl Bernstein on ‘Murdoch’s Watergate’
BBC News Today at 12:16
US journalist Carl Bernstein gives his reaction to the ongoing NoW phone-hacking controversy.”

The fall of Citizen Murdoch
Recent articles from Today at 06:00 Joe Allen
Large chunks of the Murdoch story are there in Citizen Kane: A one-time reformer who becomes a vindictive scandal-monger and friend of dictators.”

Murdochs Make Case Against Themselves
Craig Murray Today at 08:33 craig
By their own admission, the Murdochs� media empire is too large for effective corporate governance. The fact that Rupert, James and Rebekah claim they had no idea who authorised thousands of illegal phone hacks, and had no idea who authorised tens of thousands of pounds of bribes to policemen, and still say they have no idea even after all the hullabaloo, is positive proof that such concentrations of media ownership become unaccountable and should be banned by law.”

Whistleblower deaths add speculation to scandal Today at 07:07 RT
The firestorm surrounding Rupert Murdoch’s media empire is spreading as arrests and resignations continue. Meanwhile, questions are springing up over the demise of journalist Sean Hoare, the man credited with revealing…”

Murdoch faces Australia questions
BBC News Today at 05:43
The Australian PM Julia Gillard says News Limited, Rupert Murdoch’s media operation, will face ‘hard questions’ in the wake of the phone-hacking scandal in Britain.”

VIDEO: Piers Morgan denies phone hacking claim
BBC News Today at 03:16
During questioning of the Murdochs, a Conservative member of the Culture, Media and Sport Committee, Louise Mensch, claimed that his autobiography referred to the use of hacking.

VIDEO: Spencer ‘sure’ other papers used hacking
BBC NewsToday at 01:26
Earl Spencer has given his reaction to Rupert and James Murdoch giving evidence to MPs about the phone-hacking scandal.”

Letter from the editor: A gentle poaching
The Independent – Media RSS Feed Today at Midnight
It was neither a grilling nor a roasting, perhaps a gentle poaching. The MPs started well, particularly the electrifying exchange between a dogged Tom Watson and Rupert Murdoch, looking every bit his 80 years, forcing son James to act as human shield.”

We may still be paying Milly hacker’s bills, admits Murdoch
The Independent – Media RSS Feed Today at Midnight
News Corp has been paying the legal bills of the convicted criminal who is suspected of hacking the mobile phone of the murdered schoolgirl Milly Dowler”

Vulnerable heir defends gagging deals
The Independent – Media RSS Feed Today at Midnight
James Murdoch defended his authorisation of a �700,000 payment to Gordon Taylor, the chief executive of the Professional Footballers’ Association, and said he had acted on legal advice.”

News Corp directors rally support behind Murdoch family
The Independent – Media RSS Feed Today at Midnight
The independent non-executive directors at Rupert Murdoch’s News Corporation have hired their own law firm, to advise them on good corporate governance at the family dominated company and how they should respond to the hacking scandal at its British newspapers.”

Murdoch’s No 10 visits made through the back door
The Independent – Media RSS Feed Today at Midnight
Rupert Murdoch described how he had been instructed by Downing Street to enter No 10 by the back door when visiting David Cameron.”

Market relief at lack of ‘bombshell’
The Independent – Media RSS FeedToday at Midnight
The Murdoch family was $300m richer at the end of Rupert and James Murdoch’s grilling by the parliamentary select committee than it had been when they first sat down, as investors parsed the hearings for clues on the future of the family’s grip on its media empire.”

From ruthless boss of his media empire to frail octogenarian
The Independent – Media RSS Feed Today at Midnight
Rupert Murdoch has a reputation as a ruthless corporate boss feared by employees and politicians alike. But after yesterday’s appearance he could as easily be described as an old man seemingly losing control of his empire.”

Flashes of passion from the mogul on his ‘most humble day’
The Independent – Media RSS Feed Today at Midnight
Looking frail, sometimes hesitant, but with flashes of the anger and passion for which he is known, Rupert Murdoch came before Parliament yesterday to apologise for the phone hacking at his best-selling British newspaper, describing it as ‘the most humble day of my career’.

19 July 2011
VIDEO: Key moments as MPs grill Murdochs

BBC News Yesterday at 22:08
Rupert Murdoch, his son James and former chief executive of News International Rebekah Brooks, have appeared before a committee of MPs to answer questions about allegations of phone hacking.”

News Corp shares up after hearing
BBC News Yesterday at 21:23
Shares in News Corporation recover ground after the Murdochs’ appearance in front of a committee of British MPs”

Murdochs� answers expose them as crooks � lawyer Yesterday at 19:27 RT
Rupert Murdoch and his son James have testified before British lawmakers investigating the phone-hacking scandal. London-based lawyer and writer Susil Gupta says their testimony was actually not in their favor.”

Exit Murdoch, Enter The Public?
New Left Project Yesterday at 18:52
by David Wearing
Beyond the popular revulsion over the last fortnight at the criminal behaviour attributed to News International, there has also been a widespread sense that this is not how things are supposed to work in a liberal democracy. Under the balanced, pluralist system, politicians are supposed to represent the general public without fear or favour from vested interests.”

VIDEO: Who attacked Rupert Murdoch?
BBC News Yesterday at 17:30
Nick Robinson describes the moment Rupert Murdoch was attacked while giving evidence to a Select Committee in the phone-hacking row.”

Rupert Murdoch hit with shaving cream during Parliament hearing Yesterday at 17:24 RT
Media mogul Rupert Murdoch was attacked by a protester wielding a shaving-cream pie during a widely watched UK Parliament hearing on the country�s phone-hacking scandal. The session was interrupted for 15 minutes.”

Committee Dust-up
Craig Murray Yesterday at 17:06 craig
Pretty stupid and unhelpful. But Murdoch�s wife may be the only realistic challenger for the Klitschko brothers�”

Murdoch attacked at MPs’ hearing
BBC News Yesterday at 17:03
MPs suspend their questioning after a man apparently threw a shaving foam pie at Rupert Murdoch.”

Cops dodge responsibility
Morning Star Yesterday at 16:50
Top cops fell over each other today to assure MPs that it ‘wasn’t me guv’ as the parliamentary probe continued into Scotland Yard’s links with the Murdoch empire.”

Murdoch: Don’t blame me – I only own the firm
Morning Star Yesterday at 16:47
Disgraced media mogul Rupert Murdoch denied today that he was responsible for phone hacking and the bribery of police officers by News International staff.”

Murdoch Circus
Craig Murray Yesterday at 16:18 craig
I find it hard to believe that anybody can watch today�s clutch of Select Committee hearings without coming away with one overwhelming impression; the extraordinarily low quality of the UK�s Members of Parliament”

VIDEO: Murdoch’s back door invites to No 10
BBC News Yesterday at 15:53
Rupert Murdoch recalled entering Downing Street by the back door to meet David Cameron and celebrate the 2010 general election result.”

We�re providing on going live blogging of the�
William Yesterday at 15:47 InI
We�re providing on-going live blogging of the Murdochs testifying in front of Parliament on the phone hacking scandal. For up to the minute commentary of the proceedings, tune in here:″

News Corp heavies feel heat of UK inquiry Yesterday at 15:06 RT
Rupert and James Murdoch, Rebekah Brooks, as well as top police officials are giving evidence in the UK parliament over the unfolding hacking scandal. The nation is following the scandal that shocked it and undermined…”

VIDEO: Murdoch: ‘Most humble day of my life’
BBC News Yesterday at 15:05
Rupert Murdoch has said his appearance before MPs to answer questions about phone hacking is the ‘most humble day of his life’.”

Who calls the shots at News Corp?
BBC NewsYesterday at 14:36
More and more voices are challenging Rupert Murdoch’s control of the company he founded and – until recently – ruled supreme.”

NYC Schools Approve $2.7 Million Deal With Murdoch-Linked Firm to Track Student Performance
Democracy Now!Yesterday at 13:27
The New York City-based group, Class Size Matters, has just launched a petition calling on New York officials to reject a no-bid contract to the company Wireless Generation, which is owned by Rupert Murdoch, access to the personal data of schoolchildren.”

Weakening of Media Consolidation Rules Helped Murdoch Build U.S. Media Empire
Democracy Now! Yesterday at 13:16
The intense scrutiny on Rupert Murdoch and practices by News Corp. employees is also widening the spotlight on its vast media holdings in the United States. “

Whistleblower in Murdoch Phone Hacking Scandal Found Dead
Democracy Now! Yesterday at 13:11
On Monday, Sean Hoare � a former reporter who helped blow the whistle on the Murdoch-owned News of the World � was found dead in his home”

Systemic death
Morning Star Yesterday at 12:48
According to many newspapers, Rupert Murdoch has apologised for his involvement in the phone hacking scandal.”

WikiLeaks vs News Ltd: Jail Murdoch, not Assange
Socialist Alliance RSS feed Yesterday at 09:12
July 16, 2011
By Ash Pemberton
When it comes to comparing the cases of two publishers of secret information � WikiLeaks editor-in-chief Julian Assange and billionaire media mogul Rupert Murdoch � the hypocrisy from politicians and media is huge.”

MPs to quiz Murdochs over hacking
BBC News Yesterday at 08:20
News Corporation chiefs Rupert and James Murdoch and former executive Rebekah Brooks are to be quizzed by MPs about the phone-hacking scandal.”

‘Murdoch death’ hackers target Sun website
The Independent – Media RSS Feed Yesterday at 07:01
News International fell victim to computer hackers as a group targeted The Sun’s website.”

VIDEO: Phone hacking: The scandal so far
BBC News Yesterday at 06:42
Rupert Murdoch, his son James and Rebekah Brooks are to appear before a parliamentary committee investigating phone hacking at the News of the World.”

The monster behind a media empire
Recent articles from Yesterday at 06:00Lance Selfa
An ever-widening scandal is engulfing the empire of billionaire Rupert Murdoch–one of the vilest entitles ever to pollute the media landscape.”

The mess around Murdoch�s media empire becomes bloody Yesterday at 00:42RT
The former News of the World reporter who was the first person to blow the whistle about the underhand tactics used by the tabloid to get exclusive stories has been found dead at his home in Watford, UK.”

Letter from the editor: The weakest link
The Independent – Media RSS Feed Yesterday at Midnight
BBC Parliament (504 on Sky, 81 on Freeview) is likely to garner record viewing figures at 2.30pm today when a reluctant Rupert and James Murdoch will appear before the Commons Culture, Media and Sport committee, to be followed at 3.30pm by their ex-CEO Rebekah Brooks.”

The charges James and Rupert Murdoch must today answer to MPs
The Independent – Media RSS FeedYesterday at Midnight
The phone hacking scandal that has claimed the jobs of Britain’s two most high-profile police officers, caused the closure of one of the country’s most famous newspapers, prompted 10 arrests so far and led to calls for the resignation of the Prime Minister reaches a critical juncture today with a moment of high drama to rival anything that the British media has produced before, either in real life or fiction.”

Nearest and dearest flock to patriarch’s side
The Independent – Media RSS Feed Yesterday at Midnight
Rupert murdoch’s wife Wendi Deng yesterday became the latest member of the clan to descend on London � arriving to support her 80-year-old husband on the eve of his public appearance before MPs.”

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