The Critical Importance of Independent Media
By The Global Research Team
Global Research, September 23, 2020

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Never before has the need for independent, honest voices and sources of information been so dire. We are – as a society – inundated with a flood of unrelenting unreliable information. The mainstream media, concentrated in the hands of a few and owned by large multinational corporations, is filled with inherent bias and constant manipulation. That is why independent media is of critical importance now more than ever.

To say that the public has become disillusioned and wary of constant doomsday media reports and news coverage that adheres to corporate and political agendas is a gross understatement — people see their world changing and they want to understand what is happening, and why. They want to be informed and therefore be prepared. They want the freedom to make educated choices instead of being told what to do by the very individuals and institutions that have led them into chaos.

On, the view points we put forth are not selected in the interest of pushing a specific narrative, but rather in breaking down divisions and building a dialogue. We publish pieces by a wide variety of specialists dotted all over the globe including journalists and scholars, political analysts and historians, expert doctors and scientists, ex-military and intelligence personnel, to name but a few.

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