Terrorism in France: Another False Flag?

As the dust settles over France still reeling and mourning from this week’s horrific crisis, to make sense of such tragedies, it is important to examine as closely as possible the series of events that began last Wednesday with the French magazine office Hebdo’s attack and ended up Friday with all three suspects killed in two separate police sieges.

All toll in the three days of terror, aside from the gunmen, 17 innocent humans were murdered. One of the deceased suspect’s girlfriend 26-year old Hayat Boumeddiene who is an alleged accomplice left Paris on January 2nd flying to Madrid then Istanbul and believed to now be a fugitive in Syria.

This presentation here is an overview analysis of recent events and how these latest acts of terror impact the ongoing war on terror. Though it’s far too early to definitively know all the facts, based on unfolding incidents of what’s been heavily reported and what we do know from the past, it’s fair enough to be able to at this point begin assessing and drawing some tentative conclusions about what has led to this national and international tragedy.

America had its 9/11/01 where nearly 3,000 people lost their lives, the United Kingdom had its worst terrorist attack when four suicide bombers killed 52 in London on 7/7/05, Norway had 92 people who died on 7/23/11 allegedly at the hands of a severely deranged lone gunman and Spain lost 192 people on the Madrid commuter train on 3/11/04 in its most lethal terrorist attack. France had not experienced such terrorist violence on this scale in over a half century dating back to 1961. All of these except Norway’s are believed to share the common thread of the perpetrators being Moslem terrorists with direct ties to al Qaeda in the Middle East and North Africa.

From this scant early 21st century history alone we can deduce that there are “bad people” in this world who commit heinous crimes of terror on unsuspecting innocent victims. But before concluding that we live on such a hostile and dangerous planet that the risk of dying in an act of terrorism is so high because there are thousands of violent Islamic extremists around the world lurking behind every corner of the globe all wanting us dead is very much a grossly distorted, highly false claim.

In actuality you’re more than eight times more likely to be killed by our militant police in America than by an act of terrorism. Forget the jihadists, in 2015 cops are America’s number one terror threat now. Just to keep things in proper perspective, you are nine times more likely to choke to death on your own vomit than be killed by a terrorist. One more, you’re 21,600 times more likely to die from heart disease. So become paranoid chewing on that red meat and high cholesterol and sugar-loaded diet you’re on than those so called terrorists out there.

Yet if you listen or pay any attention to the MSM echo chambers reverberating loudly in this week’s aftermath of current events spewing from the opportunistic fear-mongering lips of our political leaders in the West, they’ll have us once again fearfully paranoid and blindly accepting another false lie just like right after 9/11 – that in order to make us safe, the necessary tradeoff is living in a more militarized totalitarian police security surveillance state – so get used to it folks.

The enormous Big Brother security apparatus out there has your back looking out for you and your family’s protection 24/7. Tell that to the thousands of families whose loved ones became victims because our nation decided on 9/11 to take a holiday and the most sophisticated and powerful security forces in the world failed to stop 19 box cutting terrorist hacks led by their guru-mastermind calling the shots half a world away from his cave in Afghanistan. Accepting this official government line makes you either pathetically gullible or just plain stupid.

Or for that matter tell the families of the hundreds and likely thousands of Americans who were wrongly murdered by trigger happy police this last year alone. In this last decade of the Iraq War, the number of Americans killed by cops (5000) exceeded the number killed in the Iraq War (4489), and that did not include last year’s statistical spike. It was just reported that US police kill at an astounding rate 100 times that of other capitalist countries. With the mammoth security apparatus, not many of us feel any safer. In fact since 9/11 as we’ve watched our civil liberties and Constitution be routinely violated as a national policy coming from Washington, with each passing year we’re feeling more unsafe, not from outside terrorists but the terrorists dressed in blue operating with complete impunity from within our own borders. Make no mistake – the horrific events of the last few days is a win for the war on terror and the military industrial security surveillance prison complex only and nobody else on this planet.

Of course if you look at just a few of the dozens of preposterous conclusions made by the bought and paid for 9/11 commission, you easily and readily realize that the US government not only knew about the planned hijacking of planes but they in fact orchestrated it with Osama’s help (the bin Laden family were meeting with globalist George H. W. Bush that very morning) along with Saudi and Israeli intelligence and that the day had been planned months and perhaps even years in advance. The overwhelming truth is out there for anyone willing to open their eyes to see it.

I concede to most Americans it initially becomes a very hard and bitter pill to swallow accepting that it was our own treasonous, murdering government that pulled off the demonic inside job of 9/11. But again if one is objective enough to look at the facts of what we do know, it’s impossible not to call a spade a spade and hold the neocon likes of George W., Cheney, Rumsfeld, Wolfowitz, Paul Bremer and their psychopathic band of fascist fellow killers accountable. When you see the sinister consequences of 9/11, the creation of the al Qaeda/ISIL/ISIS enemy propagated by their lies, then their invention called the war on terror and the government’s self-serving need to keep it alive with constant unending war and terrorist hype, along with the untold destruction and damage of so many nations and millions of people’s lives on this earth, then if you’re human, you naturally become outraged by what you see both in North America but also happening globally as the New World Order materializes before our eyes.

The tragic death and loss of the United States since 9/11 as it rapidly descended from a democratic republic (though never fully actualized nor practiced) into the ruthless totalitarian oligarchy-police state we’re now trapped in, then you’ll not be so willing to buy into their latest con game reality that our personal liberties and freedom (or their diminishing, disappearing returns) must be surrendered in order to keep us safe. That is the biggest, most brazen lie of them all. We the people are not safe when every single day more and more of us unarmed, law abiding citizens are being gunned down by our own cold blooded police that by design have become a militarized army making war against its own people. With this sobering, mindful awareness of how our world has so radically changed since 9/11, interpreting the unfolding events in France take on a whole new meaning and understanding.

Until people come to understand the truth of the past, humans are doomed to a continuous violent history repeating itself ad nauseam forever, just the way the neocons’ war on terror is designed to last forever. This latest so called terrorist attack in Paris this week both smells and smacks of yet another false flag a la Gladio style. For decadesOperation Gladio were false flag events committed by US-NATO-European governments in conjunction with fringe underworld elements to vilify leftwing movements in Europe starting at the advent of the cold war but apparently with Hebdo they continue to this very day. Indeed numerous nations have even admitted their propensity for the bully’s trick of false flags – attacking first, and then blaming the victim. Right after the Hebdo attack, the Washington Blog came out with an interesting article listing dozens of false flags admissions on record, reminding us that any serious examination of recent events must include the possibility if not probability that it was just another one.

So many holes in the official narrative of this week’s events in France beg for honest facts rather than more of the same old lies and retreaded rhetoric.

If you believe the hype, the governments around the world will tell us that those evil terrorists are determined to steal “our freedoms and way of life” in the West. My response is what freedoms if they’ve already been stolen by our governments? From day one the entire episodic series of Paris incidents appears to be amateurishly staged theatrics that support the falsehood that Islamic extremists posing as terrorists are lurking behind every corner out to kill us dead, soon coming to a neighborhood near you. The reality is Middle Eastern terrorists are US-Israeli-NATO-Saudi concoctions, and have been from the very start decades ago. To ensure fresh recruits since 9/11 are joining the jihad in the over half dozen nations that the US is not even at war with, US killer drones have been terrorizing and murdering darker skinned humans for over a decade now. The actual percentage of al Qaeda terrorists killed is less than 4% at best. The rest year in and year out have been innocent people who become Empire’s victims. Both the US war on terror and this sinister method of drone massacre and terror are only sure fire ways to make Middle Eastern victims understandably hate the United States and provide plenty of incentive and motivation vowing to avenge the death of their loved ones. That’s why the so called al Qaeda enemy numbers have only exponentially increased. But then that’s the expressed diabolical purpose of the killer drone war policy and the forever war on terror.

But even long before the drones, the US-NATO-Israeli-Saudi alliance has been secretly creating and deploying al Qaeda/ISIL/ISIS as its mercenary ally – from Afghanistan in the 80’s against the Russians to Kosovo and Bosnia in the 90’s against the Serbs to using the handful of box cutting patsies on 9/11, then onto Libya against Kaddafi and Syria against Assad. Then a few months ago in Iraq against Maliki to oust the former US puppet there. It’s designed to go on and on indefinitely.

And now with this latest incidence of terror in Paris the West is using so called Islamic extremists again as NATO-CIA-Israeli-Saudi financed, armed, trained and Syrian battle-tested stooges and assassins to do the oligarch bidding. All to convince us of the lie that Big Brother Gestapo will need to protect us defenseless human targets from those savage Moslems bent on destroying our freedom and way of life. This is undertaken in the name of their fabricated “war on terror,” secretly hiring them as the West’s mercenaries, so that their war on terror equates to their war against Moslems and Arabs, debasing the declared enemy into subhuman savages. It’s an old story. Staged beheadings have been a most effective propaganda ploy. That kind of savagery graphically depicted in videos even if fake keeps the lie of a dangerous hostile world made up of lots of bad tanned-skinned people out to kill us very much alive. It’s an assault on Islam by the Western oligarchs. 9/11 in this country successfully generated that same kind of paranoid fear, distrust and out and out hatred toward Arabs and Moslems in this country that’s been rising ever since. And with France the one European nation with the most Moslems in their country, and racial and religious tensions and conflicts building there and throughout Europe already prior to this latest tragedy, warmongering, hate mongering oligarchs are once again utilizing their most successful divide, conquer and destroy strategy in history, pitting groups against groups, we can only expect to see more bloodshed. That’s why it’s so important to spread the truth about who is really behind these egregious false flag crises.

Ever since 9/11 these wag-the-dog false flags have been regularly utilized whenever the rogue Empire begins twitching nervously realizing its lies are unraveling. As a knee jerk reaction in desperation to shifting world opinion, Empire concocts yet more staged violence falsely blaming the longtime scapegoat enemy. But I have faith that the world is not so keen and so easily manipulated into buying into this evil formula for stirring up war violence any longer. We’ve seen this fake job rerun too many times before. Even short attention spans are beginning to lose interest in the flag-waving hatred banner. The court of global public opinion is fast approaching a guilty verdict against apartheid Israel-NATO-Saudi-US Empire oppressors in favor of truth and justice for a change.

Of course right along with the US and Israel, France has also financed and sponsored terrorism in not only the Middle East and North Africa but in its own country as well. Along with Senator McCain the French foreign minister just met recently with ISIL/ISIS in Syria. The three French citizens acting out their parts as the designated terrorists in Paris are believed to have served a tour of duty fighting for the West against Assad in Syria. Several years ago one of the Kouachi brothers, French citizens of Algerian descent, spent three years in prison for allegedly plotting terrorist acts.  All three had been under terrorist watch-list surveillance as well as on a no-fly zone list for years. But then that didn’t stop them from fighting as Western allies in Syria. And it certainly didn’t stop them from returning to their French homeland to foment and reignite the global war on terror. The press has also learned that the brothers spent time training in Yemen. One authority in Yemen claimed that the al Qaeda affiliate in Yemen helped finance their attacks in France.

If you read the Wall Street Journal, like truth ever flows from Wall Street, it would have us believing that because there’s over a thousand known potential terrorists residing in France, the government just cannot humanly keep up with them all. Okay, but the government has the technology to invade every citizen’s not so private life down to storing and accessing each and every phone call and email, but can’t keep track of these three proven, very violent terrorists since last spring… more MSM propaganda to obscure and diffuse the truth. We learned on Friday that all three gunmen were killed in two separate sieges, overtaken by swarms of police. One of the dead suspects, Amedi Coulibaby, actually had met former French President Sarkozy in 2009. Coulibaby’s the one who died inside the Jewish kosher store in Paris, along with four hostages. It was Coulibaby’s girlfriend who fled before the attack and now is believed to be in Syria. It took no time at all for the Jewish connection in the story to opportunistically jump start Netanyahu’s war engines. He alluded to immediately dispatching Israeli security forces to the rescue. Since the French-Israeli counterterrorism ties go deep, those security forces were likely already in France. Also in France is the largest Jewish population in Europe. There was lots of anti-Semitic hype being pumped from propaganda media machine making hate crime hay out of Coulibaby selecting the Jewish deli to make his last stand.

No real surprise that France would make sure that the dead men can’t talk. Just like the way the US got their man Bin Laden dead before allegedly throwing him overboard at sea, we witnessed another rerun of the same obvious scenario in France. The French government made sure the three suspects weren’t taken alive to ensure that the full truth would never see the light of day. These gunmen were heavily armed and extremely well trained, seasoned combat veterans straight out of the Syrian War and training in Yemen. If France is financing and sponsoring their terror, and the facts indicate France is, then killing them makes all the sense in the world.

The videos that made their way instantly onto YouTube right after the attack appear to be a hoax. Two gunmen’s every move from the street below is viewed, strategically captured on film from an upstairs building very close to the Charlie Hebdo office. The alleged terrorists armed to the T casually methodically trot down the street of an entirely empty Parisian block just before noon on Wednesday, allegedly fresh off their massacre prior to police even arriving to cordon off the area. At that busy time of day seeing absolutely no sign of any traffic or human activity visible at all up and down the entire block during the three to four minute long video also becomes highly suspect in and of itself. The video shows an alleged policeman laying on the ground still alive. One of the gunman strolls up to him and casually shoots him at point blank range yet it draws no blood, even after nearly a half minute later when the sprawled out, motionless cop still has no blood visible. But the obvious clincher that the scene was staged came when the gunman fired off his shot and a very visible puff of smoke appears to be emanating not from the gunman’s weapon but near the policeman’s abdominal section on the sidewalk – very strange and suspicious indeed.

Still another strange inexplicable occurrence comes only a half hour after the killing spree takes place when suddenly French President Hollande shows up with cameras in tow for a spontaneous after-event repress conference while the three terrorists who supposedly had just escaped minutes earlier were still at large and still armed and dangerous. Then just like in the aftermath of the 9/11 attack, after the twin towers of molten steel were vaporized to fine powdered ashes, suddenly one of the alleged terrorists’ passports shows up completely unsinged at the crime scene right on cue to instantly help identify the nineteen perpetrators. Identical to that same scenario, in one of the getaway cars one of the gunmen accidentally left his calling card passport so the whole world could instantly identify the guilty and start blaming those damn Moslems again. And this came right when tensions in Europe over immigration and Moslems in particular are ramping up. Like I said, it’s a very old rerun that we’ve all seen before. Also highly unlikely in a real terrorist incident would be a gunman no sooner gaining foothold inside the targeted office door before announcing to the woman who they purposely did not kill so she could conveniently pass the info onto the waiting world that once again the bad guys were al Qaeda. It all comes off as a badly staged false flag event, especially when the terrorists operate just like our well-trained soldiers in combat. Come to think of it, because they were direct from the Syrian warfront, they really were our financed, highly trained and combat-armed professional killer allies simply hired to do another inside hit job this time in our Western ally nation of France.

I wrote an article the other day pointing out the suspiciously close time proximity between revelations just coming out confirming that ISIL/ISIS/al Qaeda terrorists are US created mercenary allies fighting its proxy wars in Iraq and Syria and how the Hebdo attack conveniently took the heat off the real truth about the US and the terrorist networks being in bed with each other. Another suspiciously timed element is the fact that France suffers its own 9/11 marking its worst violence in over fifty years a mere month after the French government voted in favor of Palestine becoming an independent sovereign state. Recognizing Palestine came right after bully Netanyahu warned France of dire consequences should it go ahead with the vote, sounding very close to delivering an actual threat? Another coincidence that seems not so coincidental is the fact that French President Hollande had just called for lifting sanctions on Putin’s Russia. To US Empire that in and of itself would be taken as a betrayal to the hardline path to World War III.

It bears mentioning that Hebdo staff satirized all religions and nations without deference to political correctness. The twelve cartoonists and journalists who lost their life made their living buffooning and taking shots at the US Empire, apartheid Israel, loss of liberty under the guise of war on terror as well as Islam. Thus, their irreverent, wicked humor would tend to piss off lots of criminal despots and rogue governments that could make them a potential target, not just to Moslem extremists but Netanyahu or Obama or Cameron or oligarchs themselves. Ironically the final cartoon echoed prophetically with spoofing their own assassination in January.

Similarly to France perhaps punished for “stepping out of totalitarian line,” look at what happened to Malaysia last year after that nation courageously sponsored the Kuala Lumpur War Crime Tribunal Commission (because the Criminal Court in Hague has refused) and found Bush and Blair guilty of crimes against peace for launching unlawful, inhumane wars in Iraq and Afghanistan based on pure calculated lies. Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld and Attorney General Alberto Gonzalez along with other cabinet officials were also later found guilty of illegal torture at Guantanamo and Abu Ghraib. In addition to pointing to 9/11 as an inside job, in November 2013 the Malaysian tribunal also convicted Netanyahu of perpetrating genocide against the Palestinians.  Of course it became clearer last summer when thousands more were murdered, many women and children in that horrific bloodbath. The US did nothing except continue financing at US taxpayers’ expense another $3 billion a year for Israel to continue its unchecked war crimes. In the meantime, the lame UN Hague court still refuses to even recognize the legitimacy much less the truth that came out of the Malaysian court. To this day the world court has protected war criminals Bush, Cheney, Blair and Netanyahu from ever being held accountable for their devastating crimes against humanity.

Oppressive totalitarian governments are increasingly resorting to all-out assaults on any nations, whistleblowers, journalists and all truth tellers everywhere unwilling to live the lie, employing the exact same brutal thug tactics of wanton acts of terror and assassination that the mafia is typically known for. An unlucky thirteen years after the fascist state warmongers of the West committed the most egregious false flag in human history on 9/11, the numerous pieces of the 9/11 puzzle have all but been solved. In this fourteenth year of 2015, the unveiled truth is now bursting to come forth for all the world to see and accept. The neocon criminals self-servingly created 9/11 to then use as their war on terror excuse, which has been nothing short of a worldwide war against Arabs and Moslems, using al Qaeda and more recently ISIL/ISIS and now with this latest false flag in Paris, to apparently point the finger once again at al Qaeda. We now have US Special Ops boots on the ground again in Iraq with no end in sight to ensure that US military bases become a permanent Empire fixture in that war ravaged nation.

The US and Israel have recently had their way now flying air strikes into Syria against Assad, not ISIL/ISIS. It’s a self-serving merry-go-round of made up lies to demonize at will the designated enemy each and every time, with mainstream propaganda whipping up more jingoistic blood thirst for yet more bloodletting based on yet more lies. The world needs to confront the real terrorists behind the so called terrorists that are the governments that covertly create, fund, arm and train jihadists as allies to do their demonic bidding.

The accumulating evidence of this ceaseless cycle of death and destruction created by the Israel-US-Saudi axis of evil has had its bloody run. The murderers in power have brought enough pain and suffering to this planet. We citizens of the world have finally reached the tipping point of critical mass where the world is so thoroughly fed up and disgusted with all their lies and propaganda that we refuse to stay silent any longer, witnessing the unending flow of bloodshed and invasive totalitarian oppression take hold of the entire planet. No longer are the perpetrators able to get away with using that same worn out lame excuse of concealing the truth behind their “national security” flag. Whenever the powerbrokers feel threatened that their ugly truth is finally getting exposed, always they resort to more horrific false flag violence. False flags have been the oppressor’s answer for more than a century every time the truth threatens to blow their deceptive cover. So once again Moslem extremists are used as the so called terrorist stooges that have been created, financed, armed, trained and sponsored by US CIA-NATO-Israeli Mossad. The Moslem community needs to stop apologizing when the truly guilty parties are the feds in Washington and the Zionists in Tel Aviv. We’ve had enough of the neocons’ war on terror, no more Arab and Islam scapegoating, no more anti-terror laws, and no more militarized death and oppression around the world. We demand accountability for the sins committed by our shadow rogue governments and their oligarch puppet masters.

Joachim Hagopian is a West Point graduate and former US Army officer. He has written a manuscript based on his unique military experience entitled “Don’t Let The Bastards Getcha Down.” It examines and focuses on US international relations, leadership and national security issues. After the military, Joachim earned a masters degree in Clinical Psychology and worked as a licensed therapist in the mental health field for more than a quarter century. He now concentrates on his writing.

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