Tensions over US motives towards Libya
By Global Research
Global Research, March 07, 2011
Euronews 5 March 2011
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A delegation of mostly Latin countries has given their backing to a plan for an international peace mission in Libya. The ALBA group, which is made up of several left-leaning South American nations and founded by Venezuelan President, Hugo Chavez, support the leader’s proposal on Libya, though there is no concrete plan.

However, Chavez is unequivocally against any NATO actions in Libya. Speaking at ALBA’s meeting on Friday, he took a shot at western countries – accusing them of only being interested in oil: “After a review of the international situation, the representatives of the ALBA member nations expressed their wholehearted rejection of the interventionist intentions that currently hang over the Libyan people with the main purpose of appropriating its natural resources.”

Two US warships have already moved closer to Libya, and one has arrived on the Greek island of Crete, where there are NATO naval and air bases.

However, protests show that some in Greece are equally suspicious of US motives, like this woman at a demonstration in Crete: “Once again we see that imperialists won’t hesitate to cause bloodshed for their profits. No one believes their claims of caring for the human rights of people in Africa. The same people who supported Gaddafi now condemn him. It’s exactly the same thing that happened with Egypt and Mubarak.”

At the moment, US military planes are in neighbouring Tunisia, handing out supplies to help with the refugees fleeing the violence in Libya.

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