militarization of Japan

Media Disinformation and the Houthis
Three Billion Birds: Decline of the North American Avifauna
Peace Versus Climate
Russia’s Vision for the Emerging Multipolar World Order. Lavrov
The U.S. Department of Terrorism
Banking on the People: Democratizing Money in the Digital Age
Canadian Media Attacks Labour Leader for Syria Solidarity
Thomas Cook Collapse: First Major Brexit Casualty?
The UN General Assembly Is Great in Theory Just Not in Practice
North America’s Bird Population Is Collapsing – Nearly 3 Billion Birds Have Been Wiped Out Since 1970
Globalising Artificial Intelligence (AI) Surveillance
Russia Slams US General for Plan to Destroy Russia’s Air Defenses
Orwellian Nightmare: Six US Cities Make List of Most Surveilled Places in the World
5G Cell Phone Electromagnetic Radiation: Numerous Health Impacts, Nervous System, DNA, Cancer, Cardiac Effects, Alzheimer…
At Least 100 Cases of Salmonella Poisoning from British Eggs
The Deep State Is Dragging Trump into War with Iran
Was Iran Really Behind the Attack on Saudi Aramco Facilities?
Firing Bolton: Bait and Switch or Changing Tack?
Take the General Motors Oshawa Plant, “Save the Planet”
Rotten in Tunisia: The Corrupt Rule of Ben Ali
We Must Remain Skeptical of Any Attempts to Incite War with Iran
Study Estimates More than 100,000 Cancer Cases Could Stem from Contaminants in Tap Water
India’s Prime Minister Modi’s Texas Trip Will Make a Mockery Out of American Democracy
European Parliament Adopts Resolution Assimilating Communism to Nazism
Video: Russia Gave Syria ‘Green Light’ to Use the S-300 Air Defense System
America: A Land without Truth
A Game-Changing China-Pakistan Proposal for the Afghan Peace Process
Iran — Neither Military Action nor Economic Sanctions
5G and the Wireless Revolution: When Progress Becomes a Death Sentence
The Attack on Saudi Arabia’s Oil Facility. The Patriot Air Defence System Failed. Why?
Conspiracy Theory
Revealing While Concealing the “Invisible” Government’s Conspiracies
“Houthi Attack” on Saudi Oil Fields – a False Flag? The Financial Reaction Was Immediate
The Post 9/11 Era and The “Global War on Terrorism”: “You are Either with Us, or with the Terrorists”
Video: Greater Idlib: Is Syrian Army Advance Inevitable?
Israelis Have Shown Netanyahu the Door. Can He Inflict More Damage before He Exits?
Burning Amazonia, Denying Climate Change, Devastating Syria, Starving Yemen, Ignoring Kashmir
Syria Expresses Its Freedom Through Resistance
Saudi Arabia up in Flames: Riyadh Is Headed for a Major Disaster
Plastic Apocalypse: Alarming Levels of Plastic Found in Children
Who Owns the Sea?
Europe’s Complicity in Latin America’s Deforestation Crisis
“Extinction Rebellion”, “Green New Deal” and the “Rebranding of Global Capitalism”
The Saudi Arabia Oil Refinery Bombing: The Latest False Flag
Israeli Elections: Rearranging Deck Chairs on the Titanic
Will the Yemen War be the End of Saudi Arabia?
New Reports of ‘Saudi and Israeli Airstrikes’ on Syria-Iraq Border Only Heighten Concerns of Wider War
Trump Reviewing Target Lists as Iran War Threat Mounts
What the “War on Terror” Really Is, and How to Fight It
Spy vs Spy vs Spy: The Mysterious Mr. Smolenkov
Trump Regime Anti-Iran Blame Game
The Ansarullah’s Aramco Drone Strike versus “The Real Act of War” against Yemen
Canada’s Arctic Initiative in the Geopolitical Crucible
The Struggle for Peace in Afghanistan: Is Community Engagement the Key?
Interior Board Overturns US Bureau of Land Management Decision to Replace Native Forests with Exotic Livestock Forage in Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument
“Killer Robots” Could Commit “Atrocities” Says Former Google Engineer
Who Needs John Bolton? Trump’s Neocons Are Determined to Go to War Against Iran
Global Research Publishers: Special Offers On Our Book Titles
Open Letter to US Congress: Why the Hong Kong Human Rights and Democracy Act of 2019 Must be Opposed
President Trump’s Stupid Border Wall Could Destroy 22 Archaeological Sites According to New Report
Disputing Trump Claims, Japan Says No Evidence Iran Was Behind Saudi Attack
Here Is How China-US Trade War Impacts Iran
Saudis Show Off Charred Junk, Insist Iran Responsible for Aramco Attack. Will Trump Unleash the Dogs of War?
Italian Politics: What Happened to Luigi Di Maio’s Antinuclear Commitment?
Desperate Central Bankers Grab for More Power
Is the “Extinction Rebellion” a Scheme Cooked Up by the Alt-Establishment?
Is the United Nations Becoming a Public Relations Asset for Wall Street?
Climate Change Is “Not a Threat”?
Massive Loss of Life, Genocide Warnings in Three African Countries
Will Americans Let Trump Start World War III for Saudi Arabia and Israel?
Mohamed Bin Salman
Houthi Rebels Overturned the Middle East Geopolitical Chessboard
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“Crazies” in Charge of America’s “Nuclear Button”: Trump’s New (Acting) National Security Adviser Said Nuclear War with USSR Was Winnable
U.S. and Russia Battle It Out over this Huge Iraqi Gas Field
Johns Hopkins Professor on Child Transgender Trend: ‘Many Will Regret this’
Brazil’s Genetically Modified Mosquitoes
Stockholm Syndrome – Julian Assange and the Limits of Guardian Dissent
Shocking Video Simulation Shows the Devastation Nuclear War Would Cause
Syria: Terrorist Attacks, More NATO Weapons and War Crimes
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Pakistan’s Prime Minister Imran Khan and The Taliban. Russia’s “Balancing Act” in South Asia and Afghanistan