Syria hit by terrorist attack against ministers: FSA and Liwa al-Islam claim responsibility

Today is yet another dark chapter for many major media agencies and Western politicians, who either gloat, manipulate events or remain silent when a terrorist attack kills ministers during a meeting in Damascus in Syria. Nations like the United Kingdom faced terrorist attacks for decades and September 11 was a crime against humanity. However, with the open manipulation by powerful media agencies it is clear that “outside sponsoring of terrorism” and “attacking media agencies in Syria” is deemed permissible. After all, this is in the new world of “savvy media agencies” which are “playing the game” and spurning out much which can’t be verified.

Kofi Annan went into a rage recently with the usual players when the Syrian armed forces defended themselves from terrorists. Therefore, will the same Kofi Annan and political leaders in the United States and United Kingdom condemn terrorist attacks against government ministers and media agencies in Syria? Or does the Syrian crisis highlight the depths that some Western nations will go to in order to achieve geopolitical objectives?

Deutsche Welle comments that “Defense Minister General Daoud Rajha and Assef Shawkat, President Bashar Assad’s brother-in-law, were among those killed, according to Syrian state television, which reported the attack as a “terrorist bombing” that targeted the National Security headquarters in central Damascus. Also killed was General Hassan Turkmani, the head of the crisis cell.”

Liwa al-Islam which is an Islamist terrorist group and the Free Syrian Army (FSA) which is a mixture of terrorists, mercenaries and opportunists, both claimed responsibility for the attack. Irrespective of which group carried out the attack it is clear that both support terrorism by their response. If this is “the light of democracy” then clearly Syria faces a very bleak future if outside meddling and terrorist organizations are successful in defeating the government of Syria.

Alexander Lukashevich, Foreign Ministry spokesman of the Russian Federation, stated that “Moscow strongly condemns all forms and manifestations of terrorism…We hope the masterminds of the terrorist attack in Damascus will be found and brought to justice.” He also commented that “We see what happened as another attempt to further destabilize the situation in Syria.”

Omran al-Zoubi, Information Minister of Syria, stated that “Arab and western governments, intelligence systems and agents are legally, politically and morally responsible for the killing, assassination and sabotage acts taking place in Syria for sending money and arms to the terrorists in it and that they will be punished for their crimes.”

Omran al-Zoubi further commented that “We are a real state, a real people and a real army…We have always been able to defend ourselves against any aggression and conspiracies… We will hold them accountable according to the legal, moral, political and legitimate international tools.”

It is evident that many terrorist attacks in Syria are extremely well planned and take a degree of specialism. Also, the attacks are often coordinated when major events happen. Therefore, fingers must be pointed at the role of terrorists with advanced skills which were learnt in Afghanistan, Algeria, Bosnia, Chechnya, Libya, Iraq, Kosovo and other parts of the world. At the same time, some terrorist attacks and major acts of destabilization have the hallmarks of covert operatives and special training within the intelligence community. What is clear is that the ratlines emanate in several countries and greater coordination is taking place between various terrorist forces, special agents and shadowy figures which can melt away.

In an earlier article by Modern Tokyo Times related to terrorists killing media staff in Syria, it was stated that “Terrorists have showed their true intention to freedom in Syria by breaking into al-Ikhbariya TV and brutally killing seven individuals. This follows on from recent sanctions by the European Union (EU) on the Syrian state controlled television and radio network system. Therefore, on the one hand you have terrorist networks under the Free Syrian Army (FSA) which believe in killing journalists in order to crush different opinions. On the other hand, you have the EU which prides itself on democracy but on this occasion it is acting like a “despotic state” in order to prevent the freedom of information.”

Events can happen quickly and clearly the psychological war is spreading to the heart of the Syrian government. However, to destabilize a nation by spreading sectarianism and terrorism is a crime against humanity. Irrespective of what unfolds in the following days, weeks, and months, it is clear that more “Syrian blood” will be spilt” by a combination of forces which seek to weaken Syria. This notably applies to strengthening the hand of Sunni Islamism in the Middle East and the geopolitical ambitions of America in reducing the influence of the Russian Federation and Iran respectively.

The Syrian armed forces are trying to protect the unity of Syria but outside nations and Islamist terrorist organizations have different long-term objectives. For major international and regional powers like the United States, Turkey, the United Kingdom, France, and Saudi Arabia, the weakening of Syria is multiple. Western nations desire compliant nations in the Middle East and to strengthen the regional dominance of Saudi Arabia and Israel. Saudi Arabia and Turkey under the current leader desire to spread the powerbase of Sunni Islam. Turkey also hints at opportunism. Meanwhile movements in Saudi Arabia and Qatar are hoping for Sunni Sharia Islamic states. Also, for nations like America and the United Kingdom then weakening Iran and reducing the role of the Russian Federation is a huge geopolitical objective. This objective when applied to Iran is supported by Saudi Arabia and Qatar. Therefore, it is clear that outside nations which are supporting terrorism and sectarianism care little about Syrian blood because they all have different objectives.,,16104978,00.html

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Articles by: Murad Makhmudov and Lee Jay Walker

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