Syria Condemns U.S. State Department Statement
By Global Research
Global Research, November 05, 2011
Xinhua News Agency and Stop NATO 5 November 2011
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Syria lashes out at U.S. State Department

DAMASCUS: A Syrian foreign ministry source on Saturday slammed as “irresponsible” a statement made by the U.S. State Department advising Syrians not to surrender themselves after Damascus announced an amnesty for those who gave up their weapons.

With its statement the U.S. administration has proved once again its flagrant intervention in the Syrian affairs and revealed its policy that supports killing, as well as its funding of “terrorist groups,” the source was quoted by the state news agency as saying.

The Syrian interior ministry on Friday called on those who carried, sold or distributed weapons but didn’t commit homicides to turn themselves in within a week to receive amnesty.

In a statement carried by the state TV, the ministry pledged to release those who turned themselves in between Nov. 5 and 12, saying that “this will be considered as an amnesty to those who surrender themselves and hand over their weapons.”

After the issue of the Syrian statement, U.S. State Department spokesman Victoria Nuland told reporters that “I wouldn’t advise anybody to turn themselves in to the (Syrian) authorities at the moment.”

“This would be about the fourth amnesty that they’ve offered since I took this job about five months ago,” she said, “So we’ll see if it has any more traction than it’s had.”

The Syrian government “condemns this irresponsible statement that couldn’t be interpreted but as aiming to foment sedition and support killing and terrorism practiced by armed groups against Syrian citizens,” the foreign ministry source said.

The Syrian government urged the international community to confront those policies “that run against the rules of the international law and the UN Security Council resolutions pertaining to combating and funding terrorism,” the source said.

Syrian Arab News Agency
November 5, 2011

Official Source: Statements of US Department of State Spokesperson Prove US Policies in Support of Killing and Financing Armed Groups
H. Zain and R. al-Jazaeri

DAMASCUS: An official source at the Ministry of Foreign and Expatriates Affairs stated that the US administration disclosed again its blatant interference in Syria’s internal affairs, and its policy which supports killing, in addition to its funding of terrorist groups in Syria.

The evidence on that is the statement of US Department of State spokesperson, Victoria Nuland, which she made on 04/11/2011 in which she said that she doesn’t advise the terrorists to turn themselves in to the Syrian authorities and this statement came in a response to the general amnesty decision taken by the Syrian Government which includes whoever hands his illegal weapon to the Syrian authorities, the source added.

The source said that the Syrian Government condemns these irresponsible statements which only aim at inciting sedition, supporting acts of killing and the terrorism practiced by the armed groups against the Syrian citizens.

The Syrian Government calls on the international community to stand against these policies which contradict the provisions of international law and the UN Security Council’s resolutions related to combating terrorism and financing it, the source added.

Earlier on Friday, Nuland advised gunmen in Syria not to hand their weapons over to Syrian authorities in a response to the amnesty offer by the Ministry of Interior.

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