Sweden’s Peace Campaign: Preventing the Next World War
By Global Research News
Global Research, October 01, 2013
Justitia Pax Veritas
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Spurred by two international intellectuals’ courageous example, the association Justitia Pax Veritas is now turning to Swedish journalists with the peace campaign “Dear Mark”.

The Argentinian Nobel peace prize winner Adolfo Pérez Esquivel recently wrote an open letter to president Barack Obama, himself a Nobel peace prize winner, in protest of US warmongering against Syria “in the name of ‘freedom’ and ‘human rights’”. Like Pérez Esquivel the young journalist Marko Milacic urged the US ambassador to his country, Montenegro, to stop “helping” the world with bombs and war.

The intimidating rhetoric by representatives of the most powerful military force in the history of the world against Syria risks worsening the crisis in the country and setting the whole region ablaze with unforseeable consequences for the world.

This warmongering is possible because there are plenty of journalists taking part in it. Journalists who are feeding the public on a daily basis with the false message that conflicts can be solved by threats and bombs, which are, in an Orwellian manner, called “efforts”. There are even those who are dissappointed with the fact that the warmongers have, at least for the moment, put their “effort plans” on hold.

Despite this we want to hope and believe that the majority of journalists is made up of peace- and truth-loving humans who to the best of their ability are performing their difficult and responsible social mission. It is those that we are now addressing.

Journalists, read the peace prize winner’s and your Montenegrin colleague’s (who is risking his life in a notorious vassal to the US where regime-critical journalists are murdered) open letter and be inspired by their responsibility taking courage and integrity. Write to the US ambassador to Sweden, Mr. Mark Brzezinski, and remind him that diplomatic and peaceful solutions to international conflicts lack civilised alternatives and that use of violence without the UN Security Council’s approval can provoke a third world war.

Journalists, show moral courage now, when it really matters. Write to Mark!

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