Support from the Tribes of Sahara. Thousands of Tuaregs Join Libyan Resistance Forces.

Axis of Logic Editor’s Comment:

George W. Bush uttered the following words only a month and a half after the bloody U.S. “shock and awe” bombing of Baghdad:

“Admiral Kelly, Captain Card, officers and sailors of the USS Abraham Lincoln, my fellow Americans, major combat operations in Iraq have ended. In the battle of Iraq, the United States and our allies have prevailed. And now our coalition is engaged in securing and reconstructing that country.”

That was on May 1, 2003 and 8 years later the Iraqi Resistance continues to fight off the invader where millions have been killed, injured and displaced and $billions have been robbed by contractors in a country destroyed with none of the promised reconstruction.

On August 22 French President Nicolas Sarkozy called Colonel Qaddafi “mad” and “stupid,” stating “we are going to make him eat dirt,” according to Le Monde.

On August 23, 2011 Reuters trumpeted the words of the new NTC UN envoy Ibrahim Dabbashi in their world news headline:

“All of Libya will be liberated in 72 hours”

Gaddafi’s stronghold is “totally in the hands of the revolutionaries,” Dabbashi, a key figure in the Libyan opposition movement, said at Libya’s U.N. mission in New York shortly after the rebels entered the compound in Tripoli.

Declaring that Gaddafi’s government “has already fallen,” he predicted the city of Sirte, Gaddafi’s hometown, would fall within the next 48 hours and that the entire country would be under rebel control within three days.

“We expect Libya to be totally liberated and totally calm and peaceful within the next 72 hours,” he told reporters, speaking two days after anti-Gaddafi fighters swept into Tripoli following a six-month uprising.

Dabbashi said Gaddafi and other top officials were probably scattered in houses across Tripoli, although they could be in an underground shelter. “We will start soon looking (for) them and we expect all of them to be captured soon,” he said.

On August 29, Colonel Ahmed Bani, military spokesman of the NTC stated that the City of Sirte would be ‘liberated’ “in a matter of days” and NTC information minister Mahmoud Shammam announced, “we have liberated all of Libya.”

Currently, the war in Tripoli rages on 7 months after NATO began it’s bombing campaign and over a month after NATO implied and their corporate media declared it to have fallen. NATO and their mercenaries gave two deadlines for the people of Bani Walid to surrender on September 3 and 7 respectively. In both cases thousands of NATO’s mercenaries turned tail and ran after receiving the response from the people inside the city in the language of mortars, GRAD missiles, heavy machine gun fire and snipers from rooftops and minarets. In the last 24 hours the NATO/NTC mercenaries have run from a similar assault by the Libyan people and military at the City of Sirte calling it another “tactical retreat.”

Whether it’s Bush declaring victory in Iraq or NATO declaring victory in Libya, the purpose of the imperial media’s claims of victory and that Col. Qaddafi has fled is obvious: to demoralize the resistance and shore up people’s faltering support for the war in the west.

The BBC says the Tuaregs are Qaddafi’s Mercenaries

We received the following communiqué from the Libyan Resistance via La Haine and Leonoren Libia this morning stating that 10,000 Tuaregs have joined the forces of the valiant Libyan Resistance from the Sahara. The BBC confirms that the Tuaregs have joined the Libyan Resistance but quotes an unnamed source to perpetuate the lie that the Col. Qaddafi is using mercenaries from Africa and that the Tauregs are among them, being paid by the Libyan Embassy in Mali. This has been denied by a spokesperson at Mali’s Foreign Ministry, “The government of Mali is strongly opposed to the use mercenaries in any armed conflict and is not in any way facilitating the movement of these people. We’re thinking at the moment about how we can stop this.” If you think these nomadic tribes of the Sahara are doing this for money the movie, The Lion of the Desert might cause you to adjust your views.

We have added maps to clarify where the major battles are taking place and from whence new troops are arriving to support the Libyan Resistance.

– Les Blough, Editor

Locations of major battles and incoming support for
the resistance are indicated in green. – Axis of Logic

In Tripoli the fighting continues. There are constant battles between the local militias (the residents of the capital) and the “rebels” NATO and mercenaries from Al-Qaeda.

The NATO planes have continued its bombing in Sirte, Sabha, Bani Walid. But the three cities have strong defenses in combat against the armored forces of NATO. The fighting followed. Units of NATO, the army of Qatar and Al-Qaeda are using heavy artillery as they have integrated new artillery units. The city of Bani Walid has opened another front in the fight against the aggressors who were concentrated in the outskirts of the city, which is protected by national forces of the Great Jamahiriya.

A source reports that one of the rebel leaders, Ibrahim Tauorga Halban, who had massacred the African people based on the color of their skin, has died. The source said, “Tauorga is no longer alive. He was hit in Sirte by a bullet that entered his neck and paralyzed him.” In Tripoli fighting does not cease. They are constant between local militias (the inhabitants of the capital) and the mercenaries of Al-Qaeda. The renegades are relentlessly attacked from all sides.

The people of Benghazi call to Al-Rai (Syrian television) to express their support for Muammar Al Ghaddafi and announce that they have rejoined the Libyan resistance. An American analyst, former military, has said the 32 Brigade under the command of Khamis Al Ghaddafi is able to continue fighting for many months. Khamis Al Ghaddafi continued regrouping operational elements deployed to fight the renegades in occupied areas.

The September 19 Tuareg tribes had a general conference composed of the heads of the tribes in Libya, Mali and Niger. Tuareg stated that all will fight against the renegades because they started a war against the Libyan Tuareg and killed a large number of them. Tuaregs in Mali have also stated that to go to war against the government of Mali if it recognizes the “Board” puppet in Libya or if the government of Mali arrests people close to Muammar Al Gaddafi found in Mali.

The Tuaregs remember that they are masters of the Sahara desert and that “only persons authorized by the Tuaregs may enter the desert” and have promised that “Sahara will be released from the Islamists.” So the Tuaregs have given a clear answer to the people who keep sending NATO special forces units and Al Qaeda into the Sahara as occupation forces.

The lined area indicates the land
of the Tuaregs in the Sahara

Saharan fighters are already en route to the Libyan city of Sabha in Bani Walid, the losses of the renegades “are estimated at more than 1,000 dead, just in Sirte and Sabha. National Forces have returned to its port Brega oil where Libyan oil is shipped. They have also returned to Ras Lanuf where there is a major oil refinery.”

There are over 10,000 Tuaregs are over 10,000 (not including those mentioned above) who have joined forces with Libyan Jamahiriya and some of them have crossed the border to help the resistance which the colonialist terrorists have crossed.

As expected, many Arab fighters have come from neighboring countries to join their Libyan brothers Libyans and are fighting alongside them against the invaders. The green flag flies over buildings in the districts of Benghazi where battles between the renegades. These struggles have also occurred across the battleground. The Islamists want the skin. Mustafa Abdul Jalil, is a an NTC puppet of the Nazis, NATO and head of the same NTC. Mujahedin of the Arab tribes have also passed through Egypt to join forces Libyan resistance.

The renegades are still clueless. They have not solved the problem of command. They fight each other all the time because they all want to be commanders. At the same time, when Mustafa Abdul Jalil gave the order to enter Bani Walid against Libyan forces, the renegades refused. This was a big surprise to their bosses who asked them if they refused due to fatigue. The renegades responded, “not by fatigue but because they want to continue spreading the blood of the Libyans.” La Voix des Opprimés.

Translated by Tortillaconsal. Reviewed by La Haine. Edited by Axis of Logic. Sources: La Haine and Lenoren Libia

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