Vircator Microwave Beams from Satellites against Targeted Individuals: Stop Torture and Experimentation on Citizens’ Protest
By Targeted Justice
Global Research, October 07, 2019
Targeted Justice
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There is a lot more corruption and crimes against humanity happening that people are not aware of. The hidden torture of unconsenting citizens leading us into modern day slavery. The CIA has taken control of the Military-Industrial complex and are using military weapons on civilians worldwide, to silence whistleblowers and dissent.

One of these weapons is a microwave beam that can be fired at civilians from satellites, called a Vircator. It is very precise and can cause excruciating pain. There are people in your country that are being targeted, right now. They are called Targeted Individuals.

We at are a non-profit civil rights organization. Our goal is to bring about awareness, expose and stop the use of directed energy weapons on innocent citizens worldwide. Targeted Justice is looking to inform and share information with media and journalists so that we can work together to put a stop to this corruption and torture. To give a voice to the people enduring these horrible crimes and save the future of humanity so that more may not fall victim.

We will be holding a rally in Washington D.C. October 18-22 and meeting with members of Congress. On Saturday October 19th we will be rallying in front of the White House. We invite you to join us, to see and meet with Targeted Justice as well as other targeted individuals.

They would like to say we are mentally ill, it is an easy way to hide it. Please do your research but know there is alot of propaganda out there to discredit what is actually happening. We have two thousand members at Targeted Justice. This is not only happening here but is a global problem. Nobody is immune.


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