Statistics Canada has contracted US armament manufacturer Lockheed Martin “in support” of 2011 Census
By Terry Burrows
Global Research, February 23, 2011
23 February 2011
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Private Sector Involvement

What work is being contracted out for the 2011 Census?

“Activities involving access to or handling of confidential census data are out of scope for contracting, and only undertaken by Statistics Canada employees.

“Which contracts have been awarded in support of the 2011 Census?

“To date, the following major contracts have been awarded in support of the 2011 Census:

  • Following an open, transparent and competitive procurement process, on July 21, 2008, Public Works and Government Services Canada awarded Lockheed Martin Canada a contract to provide Statistics Canada software for its employees to process questionnaires in preparation for and during the 2011 Census. The contract is for $19.7 million and is essentially an upgraded version of the software used by Statistics Canada in 2006.”

TB Comment:
Is this really a credible reassurance? Lockheed Martin is a leading player in the global warfare/surveillance/espionage state. Go have a look at what they do.
It is in reality an agent of a foreign power operating deep inside our own government.

Can we really believe that software “provided” by them will be totally secure to allow only Statistics Canada employees to access and handle confidential personal citizen data? Even computer novices have heard of trojans and back doors. For our government to have awarded this highly sensitive contract to a corporate agent of another government is beyond inappropriate. With such an easily breached setup like this, how can Canadians have any real confidence that their personal data will remain only in the trust of employees of their oiwn government? Statistics Canada makes much that their employees have been sworn to secrecy. So they should be, but that is not the issue. Has Lockheed Martin? There is no mention of a confidentiality agreement with the software supplier as a condition of the contract. Nor is there mention that as an American corporation Lockheed Martin is obliged by the US Patriot Act to divulge all information it has or acquires to the US government for its “war on terror.”
The UK government has also contracted Lockheed Martin to “provide” similarly for their upcoming 2011 Census. Brits and Canucks beware. Bear all this in mind as you contemplate how you will respond to the 2011 Census.

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