South Korea: The Campaign to Liberate Rep Lee Seok-ki Imprisoned by Impeached President Park
By Korean Committee to SaveRep. Lee Seok-ki
Global Research, May 22, 2017

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You can also see the full context the committee submitted on the English website. (

The document was submitted at the end of March and will be reviewed during the month of November. The Committee is looking forward to positive feedback from all over the world.


5th Representative Meeting of the Korean Committee to save the victims of ‘Lawmaker Lee Seok-ki Insurrection Conspiracy Case’

In April, 18, the meeting was held in the center of the National Council of Churches in Korea. Most delegates attended and mainly discussed organizing for the release of prisoners of conscience. And they decided to organize the committee for releasing the prisoners of conscience.

Background of the organization

In Korea’s modern history, the release of “prisoners of conscience” has been a representative reform task as one of the common demands of civil society and progressive camps. There is the case in which more than one hundred people were rehabilitated during the former president Roh Moo-hyun’s term of office. In light of this, the demand for “release of conscience” over the past decade has not have that phase. On the other hand, in the process of candlelight vigorous revolution, it is clear that the demand for it has ventured public opinion. In particular, the issue of the release of prisoners of conscience has gained a socially recognized achievement included in the ‘100 Actions of Resigning Park’ as a victim of Park Geun-hye‘s a deep-rooted evil. To become one of the priority tasks of social reform after the regime change, there is a need to expand the power and develop a more centralized practice.

Purpose of the organization

By establishing the “Prisoner Freedom Promotion Committee” (tentative name), we intend to mobilize various forces and collect a wide range of opinions though various activities. Thus, it pursues to make further advance the release of prisoners of conscience.


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2017 International Signature Campaign

The 2017 International Signature Campaign Movement will be launched to release the victims. Please check the attached document below for details, and ask for your many signatures. The signing exercise online will soon link to the English Homepage.


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