Senior Government Scientist Breaks 13 Years’ Silence on Centers for Disease Control Vaccine-Autism Fraud

"The risk of autism from early MMR vaccination was seen in black boys. Those boys are at very high risk."


Listen to audio from the whistleblower HERE.  Below is an unofficial transcript from the audio.

CDC Whistleblower

“Oh my God. I cannot believe we did what we did, but we did.”

Dr. Andrew Wakefield: “This is a real story of a real fraud. …Deliberate. High-level deception of the American people with disastrous consequences for its children’s health. …

(Dr. Wakefield then described the inhumane treatment of black American man during the Tuskegee syphilis experiment that was conducted from 1932 to 1972.)

“Thirty years later the CDC was to do something arguably far worse. Over a decade ago, Dr. Scott Montgomery and I put forward a hypothesis for MMR vaccine and autism: the age you receive the vaccine influences the risk. …We shared this hypothesis with vaccine officials, members of the Centers for Disease Control, at meetings in Washington, D.C. and Cold Spring Harbor. A group of senior vaccine safety people at the CDC studied it. It panned out. We were right–at least partly.

“By Nov 9, 2001, nearly thirteen years ago, senior CDC scientists knew that the younger age exposure to MMR was associated with an increased risk of autism. In 2004 they published, but they hid the results. …

“MMR was declared safe.”

Dr. Coleen Boyle was shown testifying for the CDC in a Congressional hearing in 2013 denying a link between vaccines and autism.

Wakefield: “What Dr. Coleen Boyle…did not tell Congress is that she and her colleagues had deliberately concealed the autism-vaccine link from the Institute of Medicine and the public. Ironically, they even received an award from the Secretary of Health and Human Services for this work.

“So troubling was this fraud that one of CDC researchers broke ranks. Eventually he made contact with Dr. Brian Hooker, father of a vaccine-injured child with autism and a vaccine researcher. …

Dr. Hooker and the muffled voice of the CDC scientist was included next. Hooker said that a great of information showing “fraud and malfeasance” on the part of the CDC was revealed to him by the whistleblower.

Wakefield: “From their own data sheets dated 2001, Dr. Hooker analyzed that CDC’s results and he found the same risk for autism that the CDC scientists had themselves identified. …

“This week, August 10, 2014, Dr. Hooker published the real findings. A 340 percent increased risk of autism in boys receiving the MMR on time compared with those receiving it later.

“Thirteen years and tens of thousands of children later.

“As I’ve said, Dr. Montgomery and I were only partly right. The risk of autism from early MMR vaccination was seen in black children, black boys. Those boys, for some reason are at very high risk.

“Consistent with the CDC’s own findings, the rate of autistic regression in black children is reported to be twice that in white children. …

“Scientist Dr. David Lewis, an international expert in whistleblowing and the detection of scientific fraud, reviewed the original CDC documents and the paper they published in 2004.”

Dr. David Lewis: “Probably this is the clearest case and the easiest case in which to answer, is it fraud or is it an accident? Is it just an artifact of the study that we’re dealing with here? Clearly it’s fraud.”

Dr. Hooker talking about the CDC whistleblower: “He knows that he’s culpable for damage. He knows that he’s culpable for permanent damage of a large significant portion of the population of the United States.”

Muffled voice of the whistleblower: “The higher-ups wanted to do certain things and I went along with it.”

Dr. Wakefield: “Dr. Frank DeStefano, Dr. Marshalyn Yeargin-Allsop, Dr. Coleen Boyle–they knew. They let it happpn and they could have stopped it.

“Michigan lawyer Allison Folmar, an award-winning advocate for children and parental rights, gave her reaction.”

Allison Folmar: “I feel first and foremost, as a human being, betrayed. When you lose your faith and trust in humanity, how do you repair it? I really don’t know what to say, to be honest.”

Dr. Hooker: “He’s very regretful about his involvement.”

Whistleblower: “It was the lowest point in my career that I went along with that paper. I’m not going to lie. I basically have stopped lying.

Dr. Wakefield: “You see, vile as the crimes of Stalin, Pol Pot and Hitler were, these men were not hypocrites…. These men were not entrusted with the welfare of their victims. Their mottos did not include the words, ‘To save lives and protect.’ They were not running a mandatory program disguised as caring.

“How many children? How many went to the wall in that decade of silence? How many Presidents, Mr. Obama?”

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