Selected Articles: Where Will this “War Frenzy” and Fearmongering Lead?
By Global Research News
Global Research, December 10, 2015

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Saudi_Arabia_svgWhere Will this War Frenzy Lead? What Stinks in Saudi Ain’t the Camel Dung. ISIS is A “Saudi Army in Disguise.”

By F. William Engdahl, December 10 2015

What stinks in Saudi Arabia ain’t the camel dung. It’s the monarchy of King Salman and his hot-headed son, Prince Salman. For decades they have financed terrorism under a fake religious disguise, to advance their private plutocratic agenda.

polandPoland Considers Deployment of U.S. Tactical Nuclear Weapons, Directed against Russia

By Vladimir Kozin, December 10 2015

Last weekend, Polish Deputy Defense Minister Tomasz Szatkowski said that Poland is considering asking for access to nuclear weapons through a NATO program allowing non-nuclear states “to borrow” the warheads from the US. This is a reverberation from the intensified debates within alliances regarding the nuclear support of NATO’s operations.

Palestine’s ‘last village’ faces the bulldozersIsraeli Army launches Limited Incursion into Blockaded Gaza

By The Palestinian Information Center, December 10 2015

The Israeli occupation bulldozers launched on Wednesday morning a limited incursion into Palestinian lands in eastern al-Bureij refugee camp, in central Gaza Strip.

By Prof Michel Chossudovsky, December 10, 2015

Why is a hate campaign being waged against Muslims? Why are Muslims increasingly categorized as terrorists? Why is this hate campaign  part of the US  presidential election campaign?

By Garikai Chengu, December 10, 2015

A War on Terror that targets Muslims Worldwide, a Police State at Home, Public Executions by Drones and Gulags, Propaganda and Political Demagoguery

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