Selected Articles: What Future for the Global Economy? Analysis and Commentary.
By Global Research News
Global Research, January 17, 2016

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economy-crisis“Nothing Is Moving,” Baltic Dry Index Crashes as Insiders Warn International “Commerce Has Come To a Halt”

By Tyler Durden, January 16 2016

The continued collapse of The Baltic Dry Index remains ignored by most – besides we still have Netflix, right? But, as Dollar Vigilante’s Jeff Berwick details, it appears the worldwide ‘real’ economy has ground to a halt!!

China-EconomyChina’s Stock Market Collapse, Prospects for the Broader Global Economy

By Michael Welch and Jack Rasmus, January 17 2016

Global Research News Hour Episode 127. “The bottom has fallen out of the market in the last two weeks. Investors have lost confidence after two weeks of meddling by government officials.” -Franic Lun, Chief Executive Officer at GEO Securities Ltd in Hong Kong.

dropping-stocks-investSlump of the Real Economy. The Chart That Explains Everything.

By Mike Whitney, January 17 2016

Why is the economy barely growing after seven years of zero rates and easy money? Why are wages and incomes sagging when stock and bond prices have gone through the roof? Why are stocks experiencing such extreme volatility when the Fed increased rates by a mere quarter of a percent?

Farreaching Decision of the Federal Reserve: Banks which received TARP funds are to restrict commercial lendingA Loophole Allows Banks – But Not Other Companies – to Create Money Out of Thin Air

By Washington’s Blog, January 16 2016

The central banks of the United States, England, and German – as well as 2 Nobel-prize winning economists – have all shown that banks create money out of thin air … even if they have no deposits on hand. The failure of most governments and most mainstream economists to understand this fact – they instead believe the myth that people make deposits at their bank, and these deposits are then lent out to new borrowers – is the main cause of our rampant inequality and economic problems.

bricsCurrency Dictatorship. The Struggle to End US Dollar Hegemony

By Rakesh Krishan Simha, January 17 2016

India and the BRICS are giving the US dollar the boot? Is it really so? The last time a country decided to dump the dollar in the oil business, the US destroyed it.

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