Selected Articles: The Bee: “The Most Important Living Being on the Planet”
By Global Research News
Global Research, September 30, 2019

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Unified Action to Fight Deforestation

By Nicole Polsterer, September 30, 2019

Jair Bolsonaro defied his critics at the UN General Assembly in New York this month – as expected – denouncing those maintaining that his policies have fanned the flames of the Amazon fires.

Houthis Claim Ambush of Saudis Killed Hundreds

By Kurt Nimmo, September 30, 2019

The ambush follows on the heels of a claimed Houthi missile and drone attack on Saudi Arabia’s Aramco’s Abqaiq facility and the Khurais oilfield earlier this month.

The Majority of Jews, 8 Million, Have No Wish to Live in a Conflicted Israel

By Hans Stehling, September 30, 2019

Out of a global Jewish population of 14.8 million, over 54% do not, and presumably have no wish to live in the hard-Right, Likud-dominated, settler-controlled, extremist state that is today’s Israel.

The Untold Story of the Trump-Ukraine ‘Scandal’: The Routine Corruption of US Foreign Policy

By Joe Lauria, September 30, 2019

The most crucial aspects of the Trump-Ukraine “scandal,” which has led to impeachment proceedings against Donald Trump, are not being told, even by Republicans.

The Disaster of Negative Interest Rates

By Ellen Brown, September 30, 2019

The dollar strengthened against the euro in August, merely in anticipation of the European Central Bank slashing its key interest rate further into negative territory.

The ‘Hong Kong Human Rights & Democracy Act’ Will Intensify the Hybrid War on China

By Andrew Korybko, September 30, 2019

As if the ongoing “trade war” wasn’t an intense enough Hybrid War against China as it is, the US might soon pass the so-called “Hong Kong Human Rights & Democracy Act” in order to take its asymmetrical aggression even further and institutionalize it as the “new normal” for at least the next three decades.

The Bee: “The Most Important Living Being on the Planet”

By Physics and Astronomy Zone, September 30, 2019

Bees around the world have disappeared up to 90% according to recent studies, the reasons are different depending on the region, but among the main reasons are massive deforestation, lack of safe places for nests, lack of flowers, use uncontrolled pesticides, changes in soil, among others.


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Featured image: IBAMA operation against illegal loggers in the Brazilian Amazon, courtesy of IBAMA.

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