Selected Articles: Towards Further Financial and Geopolitical Barbarism in 2016?
By Global Research News
Global Research, January 05, 2016

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Russia-US-ChinaVideo: 2015, Year of Crisis and Military Escalation. What to Expect in 2016?

By South Front, January 05 2016

2015 was marked by a series of crucial diplomatic and military developments in the world. The old world order established after the Cold War is rapidly changing.

dollars-money-economy-crisis2016: A Year of Financial Barbarism?

By Ben Schreiner, January 05 2016

With New Year celebrations barely in the rear view mirror, foreboding storm clouds are once again forming along the horizon.

latinamericaA New Political Situation in Latin America: What Lies Ahead?

By Claudio Katz and Richard Fidler, January 05 2016

Two recent events – the second-round victory on November 22 of right-wing candidate Mauricio Macri in Argentina’s presidential election, and the December 6 victory of the right-wing Democratic Unity Roundtable, winning two thirds of the seats in Venezuela’s National Assembly elections – have radically altered the political map in South America.

Energy warThe Middle East Energy War Heats Up: Israeli-Turkish Normalization, Turkey’s Military Base in Qatar

By Mahdi Darius Nazemroaya, January 05 2016

Within the contours of a resource and energy war, the Turkish military deployment was a move by the Turkish government to secure its illegal oil trade with the so-called Islamic State (ISIL/ISIS/IS/DAESH).

union-europeenneHistorical Origins of US Covert Operations to “Assimilate Europe” Into A Federal State

By Graham Vanbergen, January 05 2016

For anyone who still has doubts, the European Union was not really motivated by the twin desires of ending warfare on the continent of Europe and promoting economic growth by making it easier for European countries to trade with each other. This was the story you were spoon-fed. It was actually the creation of America.

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