Selected Articles: The West’s Establishment Lies and Crimes Are Leading Us to The Unthinkable
By Global Research News
Global Research, July 11, 2016

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A scene of destruction after an aerial bombing in Azaz, Syria, Aug. 16, 2012. (U.S. government photo)The West’s Establishment Lies and Crimes Are Leading Us to The Unthinkable

By Mark Taliano, July 11 2016

Corporate media messaging about the war on Syria is corrupt to an unprecedented level, despite years of sustainable evidence that contradicts the lies. The “West”, including U.S.–led NATO, the Persian Gulf Monarchies, and Israel, are waging a proxy war against Syria.


NATO, America’s “World Policeman”, An Instrument of US Imperial Conquest

By Stephen Lendman, July 10 2016

US-dominated NATO threatens world peace. It’s for offense, not defense. No threats exist except invented ones, lamely justifying the unjustifiable. Washington uses the alliance to advance its imperium, hanging a sword of Damocles over humanity.


The Paris Bataclan Terror Attack: Six French Military Were Present, Instructed Not to Intervene, People Died…

BProf Michel Chossudovsky, July 11 2016

They were instructed according to their rules of engagement not to intervene, not to come to the rescue of the people inside the Bataclan nightclub or those in the street in front of the Bataclan. More than 100 people were killed.


The New Immoral Age: How Technology Offers New Ways of Killing People and of Destroying the World

By Prof Rodrigue Tremblay, July 10 2016

“It turns out … that I’m really good at killing people.” President Barack Obama (1961- ), (as reported in Reed Peeples, ‘A President and his Drones’, June 29, 2016, —a review of the book ‘Objective Troy: A Terrorist, a President, and the Rise of the Drone’, S. Shane, 2015)

Swat officers on the scene of the shooting

Police Murder Because They Are Trained To Murder. The Militarization of Law Enforcement

By Dr. Paul Craig Roberts, July 11 2016

In response to my request for information on US police training, readers have sent in a variety of information that seems to fit together. I am going to assemble it as best I can as a working hypothesis or provisional account.


The Bloodiest Ramadan Month on Record: ISIS Linked to Multiple Terror Attacks. But Who is Behind ISIS?

By Joachim Hagopian, July 11 2016

The bloodiest Ramadan month in modern times has just come to an end. With relentless, near daily attacks, the world’s largest terrorist organization has proudly and defiantly proclaimed full credit for committing heinous acts just to strike terror into the hearts and minds of the planet’s 7.4 billion humans.

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