Selected Articles: The Untold History of US War Crimes
By Global Research News
Global Research, May 06, 2016

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The Untold History of US War Crimes

By Peter Kuzinick and Edu Montesanti, May 05 2016

Prof Peter Kuznick speaks of: the atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagazaki; US crimes and lies behind the Vietnam war; why the US engaged a Cold War with the Soviet Union, and how that war and the mainstream media influences the world today

israel-russiaPutin Plays “Energy Chess” with Netanyahu

By F. William Engdahl, May 05 2016

On April 21 Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu flew to Moscow for closed door talks with Russian President Vladimir Putin. The media reported that the talks were over the situation in Syria, a theme where Moscow has made certain a…


America’s Biggest of All Big Lies. We’re Not Threatening Russia…

By Eric Zuesse, May 05 2016

On April 26th, Reuters headlined from Romania, «‘We’re Not Here to Provoke,’ Say US Pilots on Putin’s Doorstep», and gave as an example: «‘We’re not here to provoke anybody, we’re here to work with our allies,’ says Dan Barina, a…


Media Censorship: The News That Didn’t Make the News

By Peter Phillips, May 06 2016

The presidential primaries offer a single choice for both Democrats and Republicans to vote for empire and permanent war. This year’s entertainment spectacle, what we call democratic elections, is a particularly gross circus of meaninglessness, misinformation, sound bites, and lies.…

CONFRONTATION BETWEEN MILITARY BLOCS: The Eurasian "Triple Alliance." The Strategic Importance of Iran for Russia and China

Somnolent Europe, Russia, and China: Accept US Hegemony or Go to War?

By Dr. Paul Craig Roberts, May 06 2016

“Declassified US government documents show that the US intelligence community ran a campaign in the Fifties and Sixties to build momentum for a united Europe.”


9/11 Kangaroo Court Trials: What We Really Know About the Alleged 9/11 “Masterminds”

By Washington’s Blog, May 06 2016

The government pretends that it’s giving the surviving 9/11 masterminds a fair trial, and that justice will prevail. The truth may be different … Kangaroo Court Show Trials Buzzfeed reported yesterday: “The Defense Department has farmed out to a private…

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