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By Global Research News
Global Research, February 26, 2021

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Video: The Stats on COVID-Vaccine Injury and Death Don’t Add Up

By Rosemary Frei, February 26 2021

There’s a big mystery that needs to be solved. It’s how many people are getting sick and dying from the Covid vaccines.

Why Joe Biden Will Continue the US War on Nord Stream 2 till the Bitter End

By Johanna Ross, February 26 2021

Any doubts as to whether Joe Biden will continue Donald Trump’s opposition to Nord Stream 2 should now be laid to rest. With 18 companies quitting the gas pipeline project this week following threats of US sanctions, there has never been so much pressure on Angela Merkel to ditch the scheme.

There Is No Crisis for NATO’s Italian Military

By Manlio Dinucci, February 26 2021

While Italy is paralyzed by the “economic crisis that the pandemic unleashed” (as Draghi defined it in his programmatic speech), there is a sector that is not affected but is in full development: the NATO Italian military sector.

SARS Variants, Spike Proteins and More All Rest on One Big Fat Assumption

By Makia Freeman, February 26 2021

Without virus isolation, the SARS variants brainwashing theme is being increasingly pushed by the NWO (New World Order) social engineers to prop up the pandemic.

UK and Greece Collude to Push New ‘Vaccine Passport’ on Holiday Travelers

By 21st Century Wire, February 26 2021

As 21WIRE reported earlier this week, despite various public denials by UK ministers it has been revealed that the Government is indeed planning to roll-out a new Vaccine Passport.

US-China Win-Win Cooperation? The Competitive Mindset is Destined to Fail

By Andrew Korybko, February 23 2021

The simple solution to “winning the competition of the future” with China is for the US to stop perceiving relations in a zero-sum manner and instead embrace the paradigm shift of regarding them in a win-win cooperative manner.

Scientists: Vaccination Before Every Holiday May be Needed

By Steve Watson, February 26 2021

Scientists at Oxford University have suggested that people may need to have a coronavirus vaccination not once, not twice, but EVERY time they want to travel out of their home country.

US Doctors Propose ‘Vaccine Bill of Rights’ to Protect Citizens from Forced Shots

By Patrick Delaney, February 26 2021

With a push for vaccine mandates on the rise, America’s Frontline Doctors (AFLDS) has provided a tool to assist state law makers in protecting the rights and dignity of their constituents in the face of such intrusive, dangerous and unnecessary proposals.

The Issue of Vaccines: Open Letter to Dr. Frank-Walter Steinmeier, Federal President of Germany

By Dr. Rudolf Hänsel, February 26 2021

As an independent scientist, I am very well informed about the very questionable “efficacy” and “tolerability”, especially of the vaccines offered in Germany, due to my international networking with safe friends and colleagues, and I understand the hesitation of my fellow citizens.

Haiti Betrayed: Screening and Discussion

By Global Research News, February 26 2021

To commemorate the anniversary of the US/France/Canada led overthrow of Haiti’s elected government, we are hosting a screening and discussion of Haiti Betrayed, a powerful indictment of Canada’s role in the 2004 coup and subsequent policy in the country.

US Sponsored Coup d’État: The Destabilization of Haiti

By Prof Michel Chossudovsky, February 26 2021

This article was written in the last days of February 2004 in response to the barrage of disinformation in the mainstream media. It was completed and published on February 29th, the day of President Jean Bertrand Aristide’s kidnapping and deportation by US Forces.

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