Selected Articles: The St. Petersburg Attack, Japan’s Forced Return Policy in Fukushima
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Global Research, April 05, 2017

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Trump’s Psychopathy Now Clear

By , April 05, 2017

The problem isn’t Donald Trump; it’s the entire fraudulent system that now controls the United States of America.

Reconstruction Disaster: The Human Implications of Japan’s Forced Return Policy in Fukushima

By and , April 04, 2017

Suzuki remains skeptical of Japanese government programs for “reconstruction” or “revival” of the affected areas. The interview is an important testament to the ongoing rift and dissonance between Tokyo and Fukushima over the policies and slogans of “reconstruction” and “return”.

A Nation of the Walking Dead

By , April 04, 2017

The United States consumes 80 percent of opioids used worldwide, and more than 33,000 died in this country in 2015 from opioid overdoses.

Western Media Reaction to St. Petersburg Terror Attack. Not Front Page News

By , April 04, 2017

Anything related to Russia is treated differently from similar events in the West.

Reaction to Monday’s St. Petersburg blast was far less compassionate than for similar incidents in Western cities – dominating feature news coverage for days.

Who are These Men? Syria Fabrications Reported by the BBC

By , April 04, 2017

Who are these three men? Who were they in communication with? What was their role in the alleged events of 26 August 2013?

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