Selected Articles: The Istanbul Summit and US-Palestine Relations
By Global Research News
Global Research, December 18, 2017

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Why the Istanbul Declaration Must Succeed: “The Whole World to Recognize East Jerusalem as the Occupied Capital of Palestine”

By Dr. Chandra Muzaffar, December 18, 2017

To obtain the support of the whole world, the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) which initiated the Summit will have to go beyond the OIC. An international committee should be established comprising states that are committed to the recognition of East Jerusalem as the capital of a future Palestinian State. It should be led by China which has endorsed wholeheartedly the East Jerusalem proposal.

Wheelchair-bound Man with No Legs Killed by Israel’s IDF in Gaza During Jerusalem Protest

By RT News, December 18, 2017

Abu Thurayeh, 29, was shot dead east of Gaza City, according to Gaza’s health ministry as cited by the Times of Israel. He is one of four Palestinians who were killed during a protest over the decision to move the US embassy to Jerusalem.

Turkey Opens Embassy in East Jerusalem: Erdogan’s Grandstanding East Jerusalem Vow

By Stephen Lendman, December 18, 2017

At an emergency December 13 session in Istanbul, Turkey, 57 Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) countries declared East Jerusalem the capital of a Palestinian state – rhetorical recognition only, changing nothing on the ground now or ahead.

Jerusalem – The Straw that Breaks the Empire’s Back?

By Peter Koenig, December 17, 2017

This insensitive Trump decision or affirmation at this point in time – another one in his basket of disasters – brought everything else but peace to the region, and especially to Palestine. It caused unrest, angry demonstrations from people who are basically fighting with their bare hands; protests which were immediately oppressed with firepower and violence by the Israeli military and police force, killing people in the Israel imposed ghetto of Gaza and the West Bank – i.e. in Palestine, what should become an independent state.

US-Palestinian Relations: The Strange Issue of the PLO’s Washington Office

By Prof. As’ad Abdul Rahman, December 16, 2017

In late September this year, the State of Palestine was accepted as a member of the International Criminal Police Organisation (Interpol) and a member of the International Criminal Court (ICC). Immediately, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu moved “to discuss a plan with the administration of US President Donald Trump and members of the Congress to pressure the Palestinians and stop their unilateral actions in the international arena with the aim of disrupting the trial of Israeli officials in international courts and even moving towards the closure of the PLO [Palestine Liberation Organisation] office in Washington” (which Palestinians call an embassy) unless they stop taking such “unilateral” actions!

Istanbul Summit: The Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) Declares East Jerusalem Capital of Palestine, Urges US to Withdraw From Peace Process

By Daily Sabah, December 15, 2017

The Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) declared East Jerusalem the capital of Palestine “under occupation” and urged the U.S. to withdraw from the peace process and back down from its Jerusalem decision in a statement issued following an extraordinary summit in Istanbul on Wednesday.

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