Selected Articles: The Fed, The Mainstream Press, US Imperialism, and Netanyahu Are All Losing Credibility
By Global Research News
Global Research, October 12, 2015

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economy-crisisOversold Markets, Rising Equities, the Derivatives Implosion, The Fed Looses Credibility

By Bill Holter, October 12 2015

Last week was a true dichotomy of fantasy and reality. We witnessed a massive short squeeze and the best week for U.S. equities in over a year. While the markets were oversold and due a bounce, the “bounce” came with a backdrop of very dire news! Day after day brought forth new and consistently worse news.

economy-crisisState Repression and the US Economic Crisis: Claims of “Recovery” and “Prosperity” Ring Hollow …

By Abayomi Azikiwe, October 12 2015

Note: This address was given at the Detroit Workers World public meeting held on Saturday October 10, 2015.

Saudi FlagRussia Supplants the U.S. in Global War Against “Jihadists”. Saudi Arabia Favors “A Political Solution in Syria”

By Eric Zuesse, October 12 2015

A meeting between Russia’s Vladimir Putin and Saudi Arabia’s Defence Minister Prince Mohammed bin Salman (son of King Salman) ended on early Monday, October 12th…the fact that the Saudi King sent his son to Russia to negotiate with Putin about Syria is yet another indication that the key player in settling the Syrian civil war is now Putin, not at all U.S. President Barack Obama.

media_propaganda_against_putinPutin and the Press: “The Demonology School of Journalism”

By Prof. James Petras, October 12 2015

The major influential western print media are engaged in a prolonged, large-scale effort to demonize Russian President Putin, his politics and persona. There is an article (or several articles) every day in which he is personally stigmatized as a dictator, authoritarian, czar, ‘former KGB operative’ and Soviet-style ruler; anything but the repeatedly elected President of Russia.

netanyahuAlarmed European Jews Want Netanyahu Replaced with a Leader for Peace

By Anthony Bellchambers, October 12 2015

A significant number of Europe’s 1.4m Jews are now alarmed at the continued occupation and illegal settlement of Palestinian land by the right­wing, extremist government of Binyamin Netanyahu ­ one that holds the UN, the EU and the US in contempt.

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