Selected Articles: Targeting Tony Blair for His Crimes Against Humanity
By Global Research News
Global Research, October 21, 2015

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Calls Rise for Blair to Face War Crimes TrialTony Blair’s “Deal In Blood” with George W. Bush To Attack Iraq One Year Before the March 2003 Invasion.

By Felicity Arbuthnot, October 19 2015

In what The Mail on Sunday (1) has described as a “bombshell White House memo”, leaked classified correspondence from then Secretary of State General Colin Powell to President George W. Bush, of 28th March 2002, alleges that Tony Blair had done what the newspaper calls “a deal in blood” with Bush to support him, come what may, in the attack on Iraq – a full year before the invasion.

Kuala Lumpur tribunal: Bush and Blair guiltySmoking Gun Emails: Bush and Blair Secretly Plotted War on Iraq in March 2002

By Global Research News, October 19 2015

Revealed by the British media are the details “of the ‘deal in blood’ forged between George W. Bush and Tony Blair over the Iraq War.” The meetings took place in  Crawford, Texas a year prior to the onslaught of the US-UK led invasion of Iraq.

Former British Prime Minister Blair listens to a question during an appearance at the 9/11 Memorial Museum in New York REUTERS/Brendan McDermidThe Secret Memo: Tony Blair’s Iraq Role Will “Follow Him to His Grave.”

By John Wight, October 21 2015

Many around the world believe that Tony Blair did not only support the Bush administration’s war in Iraq, but did so in contravention of international law. New damning evidence in this regard suggests the net is finally closing in on him.

tony-blair-world-hungerThe Smoking Gun Memo: Tony Blair Should Stand Trial for War Crimes, Say 96% in British Poll

By Tom Steele, October 21 2015

In a recent poll by ATIS, and before the release of the “smoking gun memo”, an astonishing 96% of people agreed that Tony Blair should stand trial for war crimes. The poll sample was taken from over 4700 votes spread over several websites, so even allowing for a very large margin of error, I think we can safely conclude that the majority of people believe Tony Blair is a war criminal and should stand trial for war crimes.

blairTony Blair must be Arrested under the Proceeds of Crime Act. “The Paramount War Crime under Nuremberg”

By John Pilger, October 21 2015

Having helped destroy other nations far away, our former prime minister — “peace envoy” to the Middle East — is a criminal. Tony Blair must be prosecuted, not indulged like Peter Mandelson.

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