Selected Articles: The Spontaneous “Military Coup” in Caracas Was Meant to Fail?
By Global Research News
Global Research, May 01, 2019

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Venezuelan Military Putsch Defeated as Leopoldo Lopez Takes Refuge in Spanish Embassy

By Ricardo Vaz, May 01, 2019

The thwarted uprising started in the early morning hours when renegade military and intelligence officers reportedly released Lopez from house arrest. Lopez then joined Guaido and a handful of soldiers on the Altamira overpass in east Caracas, outside the Francisco de Miranda airbase, known as La Carlota.

NATO Demolishes the Libyan State

By Comitato No Nato, May 01, 2019

Multiple factors make Libya important in the eyes of the United States and the European powers. It has the largest oil reserves in Africa, precious for its high quality and low cost of extraction, and large reserves of natural gas.

The Spontaneous “Military Coup” in Caracas was Meant to Fail?

By Prof Michel Chossudovsky, May 01, 2019

This spontaneous so-called military putsch was meant to fail. Visibly, it was not a carefully planned operation. And Washington was fully aware from the outset that it would fail.

Sri Lanka: Candidate for a New NATO Base?

By Peter Koenig, May 01, 2019

There was a lot of confusion, and still is, all through Sri Lanka. Nobody claimed credit for the massacres. There were rumors that Sri Lanka’s President received warnings ahead of the attacks from foreign intelligence, but ignored them. The President denies these allegations. And the explosions continue.

Video: “Clinton Foundation and IS Funded from the Same Sources”: Julian Assange interview with John Pilger

By Julian Assange and John Pilger, May 01, 2019

WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange stated that Hillary Clinton’s Clinton Foundation and the self-proclaimed Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIL/ISIS) are funded from the same sources.

Predator Cops, Guilty of Sex Crimes Against Women and Children, Are a Menace to Society

By John W. Whitehead, May 01, 2019

Where are the police when these children—some as young as 9 years old—are being raped repeatedly?

For that matter, what is the Trump Administration doing about the fact that adults purchase children for sex at least 2.5 million times a year in suburbs, cities and towns across this nation?

China’s Belt and Road Initiative: Towards a Just World?

By Dr. Chandra Muzaffar, May 01, 2019

Essentially an infrastructure development endeavor it seeks to initiate and support the construction of roads, railways, ports and bridges in at least 65 other countries spanning four continents. With a commitment of over 900 billion US dollars, OBOR is the biggest infrastructure development project ever undertaken in the history of our planet.


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