Selected Articles: Scary ‘R’ Us: The Exaggerated Threat of Weapons of Mass Destruction
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Global Research, December 18, 2020

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The Controversial Covid RT-PCR Test: What Do We Know?

By Mark Taliano, December 18 2020

We know that the PCR tests being used are not “fit for purpose”, that they are for Research Use Only. They are not meant to be used as diagnostic tools, and the late inventor of the RT-PCR instruments was very clear about this.

Scary ‘R’ Us: The Exaggerated Threat of Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD)

By Rod Driver, December 18 2020

The mainstream media repeatedly feeds us government propaganda about other countries and their supposed Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD). Much of this untrue or distorted. This post looks at how these weapons are really another exaggerated threat used to justify US and British war crimes.   

Latin America: 21st Century Popular Movements against Neocolonialism and Imperialism. The ALBA-TCP Summit

By Prof. Charles McKelvey, December 18 2020

These two hundred years of struggle are the foundation for the full attainment in the twenty-first century of an alternative world characterized by respect for the sovereignty and true independence of the nations of Latin America and the Caribbean.

Health and Wealth in India – Farmers’ Lives Matter

By Colin Todhunter, December 18 2020

Development used to be about breaking with colonial exploitation and radically redefining power structures. Today, neoliberal dogma masquerades as economic theory and the subsequent deregulation of international capital ensures giant transnational conglomerates are able to ride roughshod over national sovereignty.

By Stephen Lendman, December 18 2020

The world’s richest country USA has one of the least healthy populations. Among developed nations, Americans have shorter lifespans, more illnesses and injuries — despite around double the per capita amount spent on healthcare.

A Return to Normalcy? Joe Biden’s Vision of Normal Raises Concerns

By Philip Giraldi, December 18 2020

That’s the bad news as it very much looks like business as usual as the Military-Industrial-Congressional-Wall Street kleptocracy is reasserting itself and will be in place for the next four years.

America’s Ongoing Imperial Scam

By Karen Kwiatkowski, December 18 2020

So-called overseas contingency operations, or little wars, have seen their funding go “off-book,” as the Pentagon budget now covers just its routine expenses — wars are paid for on top of that budget, so long as the Congress can be convinced by their Pentagon liaisons.  And they nearly always are.

By Cassandra Fairbanks, December 18 2020

The formal pardon request comes on the heels of a viral claim from a Trump ally that the president would be pardoning the publisher. While he ended up retracting his statement, claiming he had faulty sources, it was clear that it was a move that people from both sides of the political spectrum support.

This Book Turns Everything You Thought You Knew About North Korea Upside Down

By Jeremy Kuzmarov, December 18 2020

How 70 years of CIA deceit and mainstream media complicity convinced the American public that North Korea was the Bad Guy and the U.S. was the Good Guy—when it was almost always the other way around.

The Great Unraveling: The Corona 2020 Financial Crash. Devastating Consequences

By Chuck Burr, December 17 2020

The 2008 Crash was caused by collapse of mortgage-backed securities. Loans were given to non-credit worthy borrowers until the system collapsed. What is happening today that may cause a greater multi-level crash? Several trends are coming together that may create a perfect storm and a long decline.

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