Selected Articles: Pan-Africanism and Women’s Rights
By Global Research News
Global Research, May 25, 2016

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Pan-Africanism and Women’s Rights

By Dr. Ajamu Nangwaya, May 25 2016

We are commemorating the 58th anniversary of African Liberation Day on May 25. When most of us think of Pan-Africanism and its major icons, women will not instinctively come to mind. Pan-Africanist history and activism might appear as the exclusive…


CIA Continues to Undermine African Independence and Sovereignty

By Abayomi Azikiwe, May 25 2016

Interview with operative reaffirms Washington’s role in the destabilization of the continent A further confirmation of United States efforts to prevent Africa from reaching its full potential in the areas of genuine self-determination and national liberation, resurfaced in mid-May when…


How Corporatist, Militarist and “Fascist-Leaning” are Today’s Candidates?

By Dr. Gary G. Kohls, May 25 2016

Folks who aren’t influenced by emotions, campaign propaganda or hype have their own methods of evaluating political candidates – and their parties – during America’s seemingly endless campaign seasons. And when the mudslinging is finally over, comes the crucial time…


From the Green Revolution to GMOs: Living in the Shadow of Global Agribusiness

By Colin Todhunter, May 25 2016

What can we do about the powerful transnational agribusiness companies that have captured or at the very least heavily influence regulatory bodies, research institutes, trade agreements and governments? How can we assess the safety and efficacy of GMOs or their…


BREXIT: ­ Divorcing Britain from EU Trade with Israel Would Help Ensure Future Security of UK

By Anthony Bellchambers, May 25 2016

The ability of Israel to continue its illegal settlement on Palestinian land is wholly dependent on profits from its bilateral trade with the EU which is the single most important factor that fuels the illegal occupation of the West Bank,…


Latin America’s Revolution Under Attack

By Asad Ismi, May 25 2016

The Latin American revolution seemed unstoppable until recently. From El Savador in the north to Argentina in the south, leftists elected since 1998 have implemented the greatest redistribution of wealth in the region’s history, providing millions of jobs, free medical…

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