Selected Articles: Nuclear Buttons versus Korean Diplomacy
By Global Research News
Global Research, January 06, 2018

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Parallel Worlds: Trump, Nuclear Buttons and Korean Diplomacy

By Dr. Binoy Kampmark, January 05, 2018

It all began, as it tends to do, with a goading remark from North Korea’s Kim Jong-un.  Evidently relishing an opportunity to give President Donald J. Trump a good new year’s poke, that man in Pyongyang informed the world that had had his nuclear button within easy reach on the table.

Trump Threatens North Korea with Nuclear War. My Nuclear Button is Bigger and it Works

By Peter Symonds, January 04, 2018

The Trump administration has begun the year with an open and reckless threat of nuclear war against North Korea—a conflict that would inevitably drag in other nuclear-armed powers, with catastrophic consequences for the world.

Trump Nuking North Korea Would “Make America Great Again”? Trump is a Modern-day Machiavelli Who doesn’t Care about Morals and Ethics

By Andrew Korybko, January 04, 2018

If Trump is willing to accept the enormous loss of American life — which are the only people that he cares about as the US President — then turning the Korean Peninsula into Asia’s nuclear panhandle would indeed “Make America Great Again” by permanently handicapping its Russian & Chinese geostrategic competitors as well as its Japanese & South Korean economic ones.

As North and South Korea Reciprocate Offers of Talks, Trump Responds: “I Too Have a Nuclear Button”

By Telesur, January 03, 2018

South Korea has responded to North Korean leader Kim Jong- un‘s diplomatic overture with an offer Tuesday to hold high-level talks between the countries on the border next week.

North Korea: A Threat or A Victim? Some Facts.

By Felicity Arbuthnot, December 26, 2017

If anyone is still wondering why North Korea was being “provocative” in missile tests and repeatedly declaring what would seem to be a daunting arsenal (although there is still no irrefutable, concrete proof of deliverable, long range nuclear weapons capability) here is just a small taste of what it’s southern neighbor, in cahoots with Godfather America, has planned.

The Real Reason Washington Is Worried About North Korea’s ICBM Test. An Effective Self-Defense?

By Stephen Gowans, July 05, 2017

With its ICBM test signaling its capability to retaliate against US aggression, North Korea has made clear that the United States’ seven decades long effort to topple its government may never come to fruition—a blow against US despotism, and an advance for peace, and for democracy on a world scale.


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