Selected Articles: Militarization, Mass Surveillance, Fraud. What is the Mainstream Media Hiding From Us ?
By Global Research News
Global Research, December 05, 2015

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precision_Strike“Smart Weapons Systems”: Are we being Misguided about “Precision Strikes”?

By Chris Cole, December 05 2015

In the run up to the UK House of Commons vote on air strikes against ISIS in Syria, there has been much hype in the media about ‘precision strikes’. In particular a new British missile, the Brimstone, has been lauded by the press and politicians with Defence Secretary Michael Fallon going so far as to suggest that it “eliminates civilian casualties.”

mass surveillanceDoes Mass Surveillance Change the Way We Behave? “Privacy Data” Collected on a Global Scale

By Boen Wang, December 04 2015

On Sunday, the NSA was forced to shut down its bulk collection of the phone records of Americans. While that program may have ended —  and there is evidence that it may not have — the world now knows the spy agency’s capabilities, and that is changing the behavior of people everywhere.

drone usKiller Drone News Blackout Continues As Mainstream Media Ignore Four Whistleblowers

By John Hanrahan, December 05 2015

The polls show it and commentators of all political stripes often cite the figures: Killer drone attacks by the U.S. military and the CIA in the Greater Middle East and Africa have strong U.S. public support.

australian flagMilitary Analysis: The Royal Australian Navy

By Brian Kalman, December 05 2015

SouthFront: Analysis & Intelligence is offering an analysis of the assets and capabilities of the The Royal Australian Navy.

isis-oil-1024x575Israel is the Main Purchaser of ISIS Oil

By Enrico Braun, December 05 2015

Multiple reports claim that Israel is the top purchaser of smuggled ISIS oil. ISIS oil is transported to Israel via Turkey.

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