Selected Articles: International Warmongers Beat the War Drums for War Against Russia
By Global Research News
Global Research, January 27, 2021

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International Warmongers Beat the War Drums for War Against Russia

By Dr. Rudolf Hänsel, January 27 2021

The only certain thing about this so-called security conference – postponed because of the Corona plague – is that the world’s worst warmongers are again beating the war drums. This year, possibly for a new war against Russia.

Russian-American Relations Under Biden: More of the Same Except for One Thing

By Andrew Korybko, January 27 2021

Russian-American relations will remain just as bad under Biden as they were under Trump except for the 46th President’s desire to extend the New START for another five years as part of an implied nuclear detente with Moscow after his administration also announced that it’ll investigate Russia for alleged cyber spying.

What Happened to JFK and a Foreign Policy of Peace?

By Rick Sterling, January 27 2021

Sixty years ago, John F Kennedy (JFK) was inaugurated as president of the USA. In less than three years, before he was assassinated in November 1963, he initiated major changes in foreign policy.

Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.: Individual Rights and Freedoms Under Siege in Era of COVID

By Robert F. Kennedy Jr, January 27 2021

“The COVID-19 pandemic has proven an opportunity of convenience for totalitarian elements who have put individual rights and freedoms globally under siege,” said CHD chairman Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. in his letter to 100,000 lawyers.

Serious Health Impacts of Wireless and Power Frequency EMFs: “Impact Oxidative Balance”: Swiss Expert Group

By Environmental Health Trust, January 27 2021

The Swiss expert group on electromagnetic fields and non-ionising radiation BERENIS just released a major evaluation of the scientific evidence on oxidative stress in their January 2021 newsletter.

In the 1930s, UK and US Business Ties to Nazi Germany. Churchill’s “Admiration” of Adolph Hitler

By Shane Quinn, January 27 2021

Early this century Winston Churchill was voted “the greatest Briton of all time” in a nationwide British poll, which attracted more than a million votes, as he finished ahead of figures like the naturalist Charles Darwin. It is little known, however, that Churchill had favourably viewed European fascism during the 1920s and 1930s.

French Court Hears Case Against Chemical Corporations Over Agent Orange Use in Vietnam

By Brett Wilkins, January 27 2021

A court in France on Monday heard a case brought by a French-Vietnamese woman against over a dozen multinational corporations she accuses of causing grievous harm by selling the defoliant Agent Orange to the United States government.

Neonic Pesticides Could Spell Disaster for Our Food Supply

By Daniel Raichel, January 27 2021

Industry would have us believe that pesticides help sustain food production—a necessary chemical trade-off for keeping harmful bugs at bay and ensuring we have enough to eat. But the data often tell a different story—particularly in the case of neonicotinoid pesticides, also known as neonics.

Humanism in Painting: Remembering the Art of Symeon Shimin. NY Whitney Museum

By Prof. Sam Ben-Meir, January 27 2021

As New York’s Whitney Museum exhibits the work of the great Mexican muralists – Rivera, Orozco and Siqueiros – this is a moment to revisit and reflect on the work of Russian-born artist Symeon Shimin.

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