Selected Articles: India: Largest Strike in World History
By Global Research News
Global Research, December 07, 2020

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India: Largest Strike in World History : Over 200 Million Workers and Farmers Protest against Poverty and Unemployment Triggered by Covid Lockdown

By Global Research News, December 06 2020

The general strike occurred in the context of the devastation brought about by the coronavirus pandemic in India.  Added to this are the millions of people who have lost income and who now face increased poverty and hunger, in a country where even before the pandemic 50 percent of all children suffered malnourishment.

Political Crisis under the Guise of a Health Crisis: Face Masks, Social Distancing and Limit on Gatherings: Colorado Diner Defies Lockdown

By Renee Parsons, December 07 2020

Some are newly aware that the misguided over-reach mandating face masks, social distancing and a limit on gatherings have done nothing to reduce the spread of Covid and that compliance  with mandatory face masks is only a beginning stage for what the future holds.

The Political Economy of China Bashing: Why? How? Will It Succeed?

By Prof. Joseph H. Chung, December 07 2020

Washington’s China bashing started with Obama through his Asia Pivot policy, reinforced by Trump and Biden might go even further than Trump. So far, China bashing does not seem to be beneficial to Washington. Even in the long run, there is no guarantee that it will bring any positive results. In fact, it will hurt not only the economies of the two rivals but also the global economy.

Dr. Wodarg and Dr. Yeadon File Application for Suspension of All SARS CoV-2 Vaccine Studies and Call for Co-signing the Petition

By 2020 news, December 07 2020

On December 1, 2020, the ex-Pfizer head of respiratory research Dr. Michael Yeadon and the lung specialist and former head of the public health department Dr. Wolfgang Wodarg filed an application with the EMA, the European Medicine Agency responsible for EU-wide drug approval, for the immediate suspension of all SARS CoV 2 vaccine studies.

America-prompted Color Revolution in Thailand

By Dr. Ejaz Akram, December 07 2020

The United States of America has been a world power for almost a century. This century saw the highest level of technological progress but it was also the most brutal century in terms of wars, human deaths and suffering.

By Ben Chacko, December 07 2020

French protesters clashed with police in Paris and other cities including Marseille, Lyon, Rennes and Nantes yesterday as tens of thousands took to the streets in further mass demonstrations against an authoritarian new security law.

Threat of More Illegal US Sanctions on Russia’s Nord Stream 2 Pipeline

By Stephen Lendman, December 07 2020

The US under both right wings of the one-party state is waging a long war on Russia by other means — and all other nations unwilling to bow and scape to its imperial demands. US aggression includes endless smashing of Afghanistan, Syria, Yemen, and at times Iraq.

Sinophobia Sweeps Canadian Politics

By Yves Engler, December 07 2020

Paranoia, disregard for evidence and over-the-top rhetoric to encourage hate. And I’m not talking about Donald Trump’s Republicans. Progressive Canadian should counter a wave of McCarthyite Sinophobia sweeping this country’s politics.

Trump Plan to Revive the Gallows, Electric Chair, Gas Chamber and Firing Squad Recalls a Troubled History

By Prof. Austin Sarat, December 07 2020

The way the federal government can kill death row prisoners will soon be expanded to ghoulish methods that include hanging, the electric chair, gas chamber and the firing squad. Set to take effect on Christmas Eve, the new regulations authorizing an alternative to lethal injections

Listening to the Silence with Don DeLillo

By Edward Curtin, December 07 2020

In 1997, Don DeLillo, the author of seventeen novels, published what many consider his masterpiece, Underworld.  It was a prophetic book in many ways, especially with its focus on the World Trade Towers and the way the book’s cover, front and back, pictured the towers shrouded in smoke or clouds with what seemed like a large bird approaching it at its upper floors.

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