Selected Articles: Fingers Crossed for a More Placatory New Year.
By Global Research News
Global Research, January 01, 2016

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burundi_flagAfrica in Review 2015: Social Crises, “Peacekeeping” Operations and the Legacy of Imperialism

By Abayomi Azikiwe, January 01 2016

From Burundi to Ghana and beyond the intervention of western states continues as an impediment to genuine development.

Former CIA Director Richard Helms Photo credit: Adapted by WhoWhatWhy from CIA Library“CIA Lying Performance” Then and Now: The JFK Assassination Versus The CIA’s Obstruction of Justice in 2015

By Prof Peter Dale Scott and Milicent Cranor, December 31 2015

The essay focuses on tales told by Richard Helms, a top official of the CIA in 1963 who later became its director — and  is based on a talk given by Prof. Peter Dale Scott. Scott is the popularizer of the expression, “Deep Politics,” and a virtuoso when it comes to what sometimes seems like grabbing smoke (…) and then analyzing the residue.

q-4A-Z of Drones 2015: “Reducing Terrorism”, Targeted Assassinations, UAV Engines, Whistleblowers

By Chris Cole, January 01 2016

Part 3 of 3. Read parts 1 and 2.

mcmurtryGlobal Crises 2016: Western Media, the Public Interest, Corrupting Youth, the Real Terrorism, Collective Consciousness

By Prof. John McMurtry, January 01 2016

Philosopher John McMurtry (image left) was asked to “co-operate with Ayatollah Khamenei in the Supreme Leader’s letter to the Youth in Europe and North America”. The questions posed by  a designated US enemy opened a new world standpoint on the US-led world disorder and the taboo depths of  shared crises as we enter 2016.

IMF go homeIMF Warns of Slow Growth and Economic “Shocks” in 2016

By Barry Grey, December 31 2015

International Monetary Fund Managing Director Christine Lagarde offered a bleak economic forecast for 2016 and beyond in a guest column published Wednesday in the German financial newspaper Handelsblatt.

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