Selected Articles: Fidel Castro Ruz. His Legacy Will Live Forever
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Global Research, November 28, 2016

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Fidel Castro Ruz. His Legacy Will Live Forever

By Fidel Castro Ruz and Prof Michel Chossudovsky, November 26 2016

Fidel Castro Ruz, leader of the Cuban Revolution has passed. The Cuban Revolution constitutes a fundamental landmark in the history of humanity, which challenges the legitimacy of global capitalism. In all major regions of the World, Fidel Castro has been a source of inspiration in the relentless struggle against colonial domination and US imperialism.


Fifty Truths about Fidel Castro

By Salim Lamrani, November 28 2016

The historic leader of the Cuban Revolution has forever marked the history of Cuba and Latin America, making his country a symbol of dignity and resistance.


Fidel Castro’s Legacy will Live

By Jim Miles, November 28 2016

Fidel Castro has had an enormous impact on the geopolitics of the era in which I have lived, an era of increasing U.S. imperial economic/military dominance of the globe.  As with all highly influential leaders he has his avid followers and his keen distractors.  His legacy is somewhat more mixed, but in general, and from an international globalist perspective, he accomplished more positive than negative, in particular in light of the lifetime U.S. embargo/sanctions against Cuba.

Former Cuban president Fidel Castro atte

The Passing of Fidel Castro: “A Huge Figure of Modern History”. Political and Media Responses

By Dr. Binoy Kampmark, November 27 2016

Reactions were generally predictable to the passing of Fidel Castro.  Britain’s Labour leader, Jeremy Corbyn, spoke of Castro as that “huge figure of modern history, national independence and 20th century socialism” (BBC, Nov 26).  The stage was set by his record in establishing formidable health and education systems, while forging a “record of international solidarity abroad.”


Fidel Castro, A Leader of the Anti-Globalization Movement, Confronting US Hegemony

By Political Concern, November 27 2016

Mainstream media today has been describing Castro as a ‘cold war warrior’ – relegating him to a failed past. He could more accurately be seen as a harbinger of the popular anger described by economist Martin Wolf in the FT, at elites which have become detached from domestic loyalties and concerns, forming instead a global super-elite. Castro became a proponent of the anti-globalization movement, criticizing U.S. global hegemony and the control exerted by multinationals.

Fidel Castro

Fidel Castro: A Global Revolutionary

By Sergio Alejandro Gómez, November 27 2016

No one can look back over 20th and 21st century history, without studying the work and ideas of this Cuban who wrote a small Caribbean island into the pages of “true global history,” as told by the people.

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