Selected Articles: Eva Bartlett on Syria, Trump For a War on Iran?, Fukushima Radiation Levels Soar
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Global Research, February 06, 2017

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Eva Bartlett

What’s Happening in Syria? The Media “Kills the Truth”, “Terrorism” is Described as “Moderate Opposition”: Eva Bartlett

By Eva Bartlett, February 05 2017

Canadian independent journalist Eva Bartlett is the object of a smear campaign by Canada’s mainstream media. Listen to what she has to say and then decide who is telling the truth. The mainstream media denies the existence of terrorists linked to Al Qaeda. According to mainstream sources, there were no terrorists in Aleppo.  Al Qaeda and the Islamic State are supported by US-NATO, Saudi Arabia and Israel. They are the state-sponsors of terrorism. We are dealing with a war of aggression. Eva Bartlett provides detailed evidence of  war crimes.

explosion aleppo

Media Disinformation on Purported Aleppo Atrocities Fits Historical Pattern

By Matt Peppe, February 06 2017

Several historical examples are useful to see how stories that coincide with the government line are amplified by the media, no matter how little evidence exists. Later, when evidence emerges which calls into question the original narrative, the media simply ignore it and it is lost to history.

Trump Monde

Is Trump Making America Safe or Unsafe? A Scorecard

By Stephen Lendman, February 06 2017

The short answer is it’s too soon to tell. His Office of the Press Secretary claims otherwise, saying “(i)n only two weeks, President Trump delivers on his promise to make America safe again.” It cites Iranian sanctions along with putting Tehran on notice “for provocative action in violation of its international obligations.”


Trump: Trumpeting For a War on Iran?

By Soraya Sepahpour-Ulrich, February 06 2017

The Trump Administration’s rhetoric and actions have alarmed the world.  The protests in response to his visa ban have overshadowed and distracted from a darker threat: war with Iran. Is the fear of the threat greater than the threat itself?  The answer is not clear.


Radiation Levels in the Fukushima Reactor Are Soaring Unexpectedly

By Fiona Macdonald, February 06 2017

The radiation levels inside Japan’s damaged Fukushima Daiichi nuclear reactor No. 2 have soared in recent weeks, reaching a maximum of 530 sieverts per hour, a number experts have called “unimaginable“.

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