Selected Articles: Crisis in the Middle East, Change of Alliances?
By Global Research News
Global Research, December 06, 2017

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Trump Gives Away Jerusalem to Settle $100m Campaign Debt

By Hans Stehling, December 06, 2017

In a politically motivated move the repercussions of which will incite anger throughout the world, Donald Trump the elected President of the United States has made a dangerous decision, so stupidly inept as to be unbelievable, that could ignite the entire Middle East, including Turkey, Africa and Europe.

Video: War in Yemen and Geopolitical Standoff in the Middle East

By South Front, December 06, 2017

Yemen’s Houthis fired a cruise missile toward a nuclear power plant under construction in Abu Dhabi in the United Arab Emirates on December 3.

The Row over Jerusalem Gives American Jews a Tough Choice

By Jonathan Cook, December 05, 2017

For decades most American Jews have claimed an “Israel exemption”: resolutely progressive on domestic issues, they are hawks on their cherished cause. Racism they would vigorously oppose if applied in the United States is welcomed in Israel.

Havoc in Middle East Geopolitical Alliances over US Decision to Move US Embassy to Jerusalem: Trump calls Abbas over Jerusalem as Turkey Threatens Break with Israel

By Middle East Eye, December 05, 2017

Donald Trump reaffirmed to Mahmoud Abbas on Tuesday that he intends to move the US embassy to Jerusalem, as regional and world leaders sought to reiterate the dangers of the vow, a decision on which is expected in the coming days.

Former Yemeni President Killed: The Price of Betrayal

By Stephen Lendman, December 05, 2017

Ali Abdullah Saleh ruled Yemen despotically from May 1990 until ousted in February 2012 – earlier ruling North Yemen from 1978 to 1990.

He sided with Houthi fighters against Saudi Arabia until betraying them – shifting his allegiance to the kingdom.

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