Selected Articles: Clinton’s Plunder of Haiti, What the US Should Know about Crimea, Castro’s Defiance of US Imperialism
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Global Research, February 09, 2017

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“Predatory Humanism” and the Plunder of Haiti: “Clinton Robin Hood in Reverse Must Be Punished”

By Charles Ortel and Dady Chery, February 09 2017

Despite the polls in the run up to November 8, 2016, and the post-election shenanigans that continue to this day, the United States has a new President, and it is not Hillary Clinton. There are many reasons for this, and Charles Ortel’s dogged, two-year investigation of the Clintons’ predatory humanitarianism is a major one. He is not yet done. It is almost universally unacceptable to prey on the weak of one’s own species.

Martí and Fidel Castro

Fidel Castro’s Historical Legacy: Defiance of US Imperialism

By Arnold August, February 09 2017

What is it in Fidel that attracts so much animosity from the U.S., while he has enjoyed so much devotion from the Cuban people and millions of people around the world, who consider him a hero? What is this imperialism that he, along with the Cuban people, defied from 1953 to his last breath?


What America Should Know about “Annexed Crimea”: “We the People of Crimea…”

By Arina Tsukanova, February 09 2017

The speech by the new US permanent representative to the UN Security Council, Nikki Haley, at a Security Council meeting on 3 February backed up the idea that the new administration policy on Crimea will be followed up. Haley said exactly the same nonsense as Samantha Powerbefore her: «Our Crimea-related sanctions will remain in place until Russia returns control of the peninsula to Ukraine». The White House supported Haley’s statement the same day. It is interesting that Mrs Haley was speaking about the territory of Crimea rather than the people. I wonder how she seeks the «return» of the Crimean Peninsula to Ukraine – with the people or without them? It’s a pity that this question has remained unanswered yet.


Prejudiced President, Pliant Republican Party: Return of the Boycott as Political Resistance

By Barbara Nimri Aziz, February 09 2017

How can the American public push back on its brash and prejudiced president while a pliant Republican party in control of the U.S. Congress seems in no mood to oppose their new leader?


Trump Plays Cat and Mouse with Iran

By Mike Whitney, February 09 2017

Why is the Trump administration threatening Iran? On February 1, National Security Adviser Michael Flynn announced that the administration was “putting Iran on notice” after it tested a ballistic missile which the US sees as a violation of Iran’s treaty obligations. Flynn’s frigid tone made it clear that the administration is considering the use of military force. But why?

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