Selected Articles: Democratizing Europe or Perpetuating the Domination of the EU Elites?
By Global Research News
Global Research, February 19, 2016

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Greece BailoutVideo: How the Greek Crisis Fuels EU Instability

By South Front, February 19 2016

In 2016, Greece faces a series of external and internal challenges shaping the situation in the country.


israeli-police-arrest-protesterBritish Democracy Is Dead: Long Live The Ethnic Cleansing With Impunity Of The Palestinian People By Apartheid Israel

By William Hanna, February 19 2016

On February 14th, 2016, the UK Government announced that it would be setting up guidelines to prevent public bodies from supporting — through their procurement and investment policies — the legal and human rights of the brutally persecuted Palestinian people.…

FRANCE-STRASBOURG-EU-PARLIAMENTThe DIEM25 Manifesto: “Democratizing Europe” or Perpetuating the Domination of the EU Elites?

By Takis Fotopoulos, February 19 2016

In the midst of huge publicity, particularly by the mass media of the globalist “Left” (i.e. the Left that is fully integrated into the New World Order (NWO) of neoliberal globalization) such as The Guardian, Y. Varoufakis – one of the protagonists of the present economic, political and social Greek catastrophe – presented himself as the ‘savior of Europa’, as he was described by another well-known member of the same “Left” in an article published (of all places!) in RT.

russianatoCIA, NATO and Swedish Military Plotted Regime Change in Sweden in 1980s

By Alexei Pankin, February 19 2016

To win the cold war President Ronald Reagan formed a secret ‘deception committee’ for a disinformation campaign against the USSR.

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