Russian expert warns of regarding “factors that could lead to a war by the US and its allies against Iran”
By Global Research
Global Research, July 13, 2010
Prensa Latina 12 July 2010
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Moscow — A Russian expert with the Social Academy on Geopolitical Affairs, Stanislav Shuvanov, warns of the factors that could lead to a war unleashed by the US and its allies against Iran.

When analyzing a possible combat zone in the Persian Gulf, Shuvanov said he takes into consideration President Barack Obama’s evident disagreement with Republican hawks, who could push the White House chief to an action of that kind.

Another factor Shuvanov referred to in his comment was Obama’s change to US priorities for the National Security and Defense Strategy agreed this year, which put priority on the fight against new attempts to develop weapons of mass destruction.

The Russian academic also noted that if the cyclical process of the world capitalist crisis worsens, Washington could unleash an armed conflict as a safety valve.

Referring to the UN Security Council’s resolution linked to the package of sanctions against Tehran, he stated it represents a victory for the United States and other First World countries to force Iran to abandon its nuclear program, which he regards as peaceful.

That measure, the Russian expert sustained, is the result of US pressure on the Council’s permanent members, and was improved in the internal order to raise the prestige of Obama, whose popularity rating has plunged within the United States.

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